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The R3 is just above the R5 in the Arione line and features an advanced fiberglass thermoplastic composite WingFlex shell to provide the best support with optimized stiffness to-weight construction. The Fizik Arione R3 is a 200-gram lightweight saddle favored by many pros. With Fizik no offering the Arione R3 Kium in two widths, even more cyclists can enjoy this best-seller. Fizik suggests the Arione for riders with good hip and lower back flexibility, but we find it is a preferred choice for anyone liking a quality, light saddle with a relatively flat surface. The clampable portion of the rails are 85mm long - about 30mm longer than most saddles which creates more fitting options.

The rails are made with a special "Kium" alloy that uses silicon and chrome to delivery lighter weight and better damping compared to titanium. The rails are the standard 7mm round variety so they will work with virtually any seat clamp. The Arione uses Wing Flex technology for a saddle shell that is stiff yet flexible for optimal performance and comfort. Many of us find the unique flex of the saddle really allows the rider to power through the pedal stroke and help provide a smooth pedaling action. The Arione is ICS compatible meaning a Fizik ICS saddle bag or ICS rear light can snap onto the saddle for a super-clean installation--no more straps flapping around.

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  • Fizik Spine Concept: Snake
  • Carbon reinforced shell
  • Over 85 mm rail adjustability: longest in its category
  • ICS bag or light compatible
  • Increased contact surface area for better pressure distribution
  • Extended saddle length (30 cm) provides more riding positions
  • Wider nose for increased comfort toward the front of the saddle
  • "Wing flex" for free thigh movement and increased pedaling power
  • Kium rails for lighter weight and better damping compared to titanium
  • Length: 300mm
  • Size options: Regular 130mm wide, Large 142mm wide
  • Color: Black/White
  • Weight: 200 grams (130mm), 210 grams (142mm)
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