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Road Saddles

Fizik Tri Mistica Carbon Rail Saddle

One of the top performing saddle designs in the triathlon market, the Fizik Tri Mistica Kium is only surpassed in comfort and ride quality by the Tri Mistica Carbon Rail Saddle with Fiziks proven 7x9mm oval Braided Carbon rails. The Tri Mistica design has been optimized for the needs of triathletes, and is built off the bones of the popular Tritone saddle, but with better overall shape, features, and design. The stubby nose-less shape is balanced with the extra long, light, strong carbon rails to allow for fit requirements, but with a total length of 241mm, the saddle is UCI legal. The achieved maximum adjustment fore and aft promote the perfect aero riding position for the vast majority of cyclists. The nose is 55mm wide in the Regular, 65mm in the Large size, and features a sculpted hanging hook. A simplified, rear facing Carriage Kit supports attachments for bottle cage, CO2 charge, inflator and tube. On features and set-up alone, the Tri Mistica Carbon will win followers.

Yet features, while desirable and necessary, mean little if a saddle isn't comfortable for your training and events. The Tri Mistica Carbon’s new channel design enables better weight distribution across sit bones and the new seamless, friction-free nose construction delivers improved riding comfort. With a shape design and max tail width of 135mm that also seems to be inspired by the Arione Versus road design nearly every rider can find a seating position that will work for them. Push back for more length in the pedaling stroke, or pull forward for maximum power, the Tri Mistica Carbon gives you room and padding that works, and has an extra grippy top material that provides maximum riding stability so you can hold that position as long as you need to.

Fizik's build quality is typically outstanding, and the Braided Carbon rails offer both strength and serious vibration and impact attenuation to be noticeable, especially on the more vertically rigid aero frame designs. A carbon reinforced nylon shell allows for break-in, but will never indent. It stays resilient to heavy use, offering mild flex while delivering power throughout the pedal stroke. In the cycling world, this would considered a sustainable saddle, designed for longevity and heavy use, yet the Tri Mistica Carbon comes in at only 205 grams in the Regular size (shaving 30 grams off the Kium rail version), adding 10 grams for the wider nose of the Large, so it is event-level lightweight despite its qualities and benefits.

If you liked the Tritone, we feel the Tri Mistica Carbon is an improvement all the way around. Edges and transitions have been softened or curved, the top cover grip serves most riders better than the smooth option, and the Carriage Kit no longer requires an engineer to set-up. If you are coming from another saddle consider the nose width options versus your current saddle and recognize that the positions you prefer will dictate your best choice. Over the years we have sold many of the best time trial and triathlon saddles made, and we feel the Tri Mistica Carbon rivals them, particularly for multi-sport athletes who are pushing their training and racing ambitions out from Sprint distance to middle and long distance events.


  • Stubby, nose-less shaped saddle, with carbon rails and essential features for triathlon use; available in two nose widths
  • Relief channel allows comfort and pure performance in the aero tuck position
  • Nose hook for hanging in transition areas
  • Long, Braided Carbon 7x9mm oval rails allow for maximum adjustment fore and aft in such an abbreviated length saddle
  • New channel design enables better weight distribution across sit bones
  • Thermowelded Microtex cover sheds water, holds up well to daily use
  • Seamless, friction-free nose construction delivers improved riding comfort
  • An extra grippy material provides maximum riding stability
  • Carbon reinforced nylon shell offers minimum to mild flex, is resilient over time
  • Redesigned carriage kit that’s more versatile and easy to install
  • Included Carriage Kit for: cage holder, CO2 charge, inflator and tube
  • Integrated Clip System compatible
  • Length: 241mm (UCI legal), Tail Width: 135mm
  • Nose width options: Regular 55mm, Large (65mm)
  • Colors: Black/White (Regular). Black (Large)
  • Sizes/Weights: Regular / 205g, Large / 235g