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Fox Racing Shox delivers again- meeting the needs of updated suspension technology, with this high quality, accurate 350psi rated shock pump. Setting up your suspension components requires both specific knowledge of the fork or shock, as well as a high pressure suspension pump. These compact pumps drive very high pressure at very low volume, and any model you use must be accurate and reliable. The Fox Racing Shox Factory HP Swivel Shock Pump 350psi replaces their previous 300psi version, which had long been a best selling model, and actually makes the design even more usable.

The easy to read 350psi max analog dial gauge is accurate and shows pressure in two scales, psi and Bar. The standard features you are used to are all here. The Micro-adjust bleed button at the base of the gauge housing for quick and easy 2-3 psi reductions. A big upgrade adds more functionality. The flexible hose pivots off the housing body, for better access, and the overall construction is top quality. Fox has added an inline swivel to the Schrader head as so many shock placements are in very tight locations, The combination of the flex hose and swivel allow you to easily get proper thread alignment without compromising the integrity of the valve itself or the finely machined threads.

All the small details are here, including a palm friendly plunger handle and the slightly oversized valve head, with it't textured grip surface for sure and stable threading and unthreading. The sharp new black anodized finish and orange Fox Factory logos enhance the quality and overall effect of this top performing analog shock pump.

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  • Schrader valve thread-on head ultra high pressure pump for suspension shocks and forks
  • 0-350 psi range; 350psi is the max psi on latest FOX DPS and DPX2 shocks
  • Durable stainless swivel pump head allows for pump to access shocks where linkages would get in the way with a traditional pump head
  • 6063 aluminum barrel and handle for stiffness and strength
  • Hose pivots at joint; clips into mount on barrel when not in use
  • Micro-adjust 2-3 psi air-bleeder for simple reduction adjustments
  • Analog gauge reads in psi and Bar
  • As you unscrew valve interface, air release is from hose, not suspension component
  • Color: Black
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