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Garmin USB ANT Stick

This little ANT Stick has become quite the hot commodity thanks to the surging popularity of Zwift. The Garmin USB ANT Stick (aka ANT+ dongle) allows you to transfer workout data seamlessly to web based communities and training centers. Just plug it in to your computer's USB port and it will automatically receive your ANT+ activity data when your ANT+ compatible device is within range.

One of the Web based communities the USB ANT Stick allows you to join is Zwift. In case you haven't heard of Zwift, it takes the best social aspects of outdoor cycling, packs in real-time stats, cool graphics, and the latest in massive multiplayer gaming to make your indoor cycling experience more fun than you could have ever imagined.


  • Garmin part number 010-01058-00
  • Transfers workout data seamlessly to a variety of training apps
  • Plugs into USB port so your computer can receive your activity data
  • Required to participate in Zwift