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Nutrition Recovery Drink Mix

Hammer Recoverite Drink Mix

Hammer Recoverite is a post-workout supplement designed to encourage rapid and enhanced recovery. It helps to provide maximum benefit from hard workouts and leave the body fully prepped for the next big workout or race. Hammer Recoverite can also be used as a meal replacement.

Recoverite supplies the body with the proper 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates and the highest quality whey protein isolate, along with generous amounts of multi-beneficial glutamine (a whopping 3 grams per serving), the potent antioxidant l-carnosine, and a full-spectrum electrolyte profile. The amino acid glutamine plays a vital role in the health of the muscles, immune system, and digestive tract. Glutamine is arguably the key recovery amino. It helps boost the immune system, reduce the symptoms of overtraining, enhances glycogen synthesis and stimulates muscle protein synthesis for the rebuilding of lean muscle tissue.

  • Rebuilds muscle tissue
  • Restores muscle glycogen
  • 3 grams glutamine per serving
  • Full-spectrum electrolyte profile
  • 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates
  • Highest quality whey protein isolate
  • Can be used as a meal replacement
  • Minimizes post-exercise muscle soreness
  • Encourages rapid and enhanced recovery