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Wheels Road Wheels - Carbon

HED Vanquish RCD Pro Disc Rear Wheel

HED has such a long history of making aerodynamic wheels that it can actually be easy to overlook their pedigree for newer, sexier brands. Yet HED has proven low drag and overall efficiency is less about sexy and more about smarts and proven technology. The Vanquish RCD Pro Disc Rear Wheel is so efficient it actually claims -300g drag, or actual aero thrust in windtunnel testing. This is based, as with other HED aero disc rear wheels, on a spoked wheel design with over-bonded carbon skins and an actual carbon rim. It may seem low tech, but it isn't, as it requires considerable expertise and execution to build it perfectly. This disc brake-compatible aero disc rear wheel uses HED's super wide 30mm external / 21mm internal width tubeless ready rim, which has been optimized optimized for 23-28mm tires, with the ideal option a 28mm actual tire width at pressure.

The Sonic 545 hub provides the center of the Vanquish RCD Pro Disc, with it's silky internals, stout aluminum body, and oversized alloy axle. It features a Center Lock disc rotor interface and 12/142mm thru-axle spacing. With a high percentage of TT and Tri bikes now disc brake only, this is a fast wheel option that can handle high output leverage, while delivering a superior ride quality thanks to it's hidden spoke lacing. Tubeless tape and a tubeless valve is provided, as is a sticker that covers the oval valve hole.


  • Aero disc race wheel with claimed -300g drag, tubeless ready/clincher interface
  • Built out from HED Sonic 545 CL disc brake hub/li>
  • 110 GSM Carbon rim, with bonded fairings, actual hub to rim lacing underneath
  • Internal rim width: 21mm
  • External rim width: 31.6mm
  • Optimal tire size range: 23-28mm
  • Ideal tire size: 28mm actual width at pressure
  • Includes: tubeless rim tape and valve, valve access cover sticker
  • Hub spacing-axle type: 12/142mm thru-axle
  • Disc rotor interface: Center Lock
  • Freehub: Shimano 11-speed
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1134 grams