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Tools & Maintenance Sealant

Hutchinson FastAir Tire Sealant Kit

Developed for optimal use with Hutchinson Tubeless Ready tires, but also working with tubes and tubular tires, the Fast'Air Sealant Kit is a small and light CO2 canister that allows the user to re-inflate a tire with a small puncture (up to 1mm) while also injecting latex sealant to fill the puncture and restore the overall sealant in the tire. The canister carries a pivoting assembly that becomes a flexible tube, and has a valve chuck system on the end. Set-up for both Presta and Schrader valves, this fully contained set-up is easy to use, and delivers fast results while inflating the tire.

The canister is ideal for quick flat fixes when removing the wheel is not ideal, or when removing a tire such as a tubular is difficult road-side. You will want to have an emergency pump on hand, as the system wasn't conceived for larger or high volume tires, but the important aspect is that the pressurized sealant is distributed quickly and comprehensively with the air distribution from the canister.


  • CO2 pressurized canister that delivers sealant and some pressurized air to fix small punctures
  • Valve system has a thread-in Presta adapter, which is removed for Schrader valves
  • Re-inflate a tubeless or tube-type tire while simultaneously repairing a 1mm or smaller puncture
  • Combines pressurized air with Hutchinson's own latex repair liquid
  • Compatible with Hutchinson tubeless road tire technology, as well as tubes, and tubular tires
  • Designed for mountain or road use
  • Can inflate a single 700x23mm road tire to 80psi, or 26x2.0 MTB tire to 30psi
  • OE option is first quality product without retail packaging
  • Size: 75ml