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Road Tires - Clincher Tubeless

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik Tubeless Tire OE 2-Pack

These special purchase Hutchinson OE tires are first quality, standard products sold without retail packaging. This convenient 2-pack makes purchasing a pair simple and adds savings.

When Speed, Low rolling resistance and Performance matter, the Galactik stands alone. Hutchinson's Fusion 5 Galactik Tube Type Clincher Tire is superior option tire for road race and triathlon. With the HDF 5.3 ElevenSTORM® rubber compound, Hutchinson significantly advanced it;'s excellent predecessor, HDF-5, and elevated expectations of how tubeless benefits competitive road cyclists.

The 127tpi clincher casing is the perfect structure for the Fusion 5 series. The casing offers a consistently round shape, with more than enough suppleness under pressure, yet enough strength to feel substantial. The rubber system overall is the dynamic ElevenSTORM® compound and Hutchinson considers this compound to be the pinnacle of development for their tires, offering their best combination in the 5 performance highlights of a tire: Grip, Efficiency, Durability, Puncture resistance and Comfort. In the case of the Galactik the rubber carries the day. The butyl sealing liner is joined by the flexible reinforced breaker belt for additional flat protection under the center tread. The tread design is advanced with wider spaced, directional voids that improve mildly cornering grip and wet weather performance, but is overall designed for low rolling resistance and speed, speed, speed.

The Fusion 5 Galactik sacrifices some overall durability and protection with the lighter breaker belt, but that is always the trade-off for speed and lighter weight. The use of Hutchinson's Protect Air Max Sealant can quickly fill small punctures and help provide a premier seal at the bead. At just 245 grams in a 700x25, this tire truly hits the racer's balance of grip, durability, protection, weight and performance. The Fusion 5 series from Hutchinson stands apart, and ElevenSTORM sets a new standard for tread rubber. For race day in optimal conditions, we highly recommend the Fusion 5 Galactik. The feel is superb, the grip excellent, and the low rolling resistance is notable.


  • Advanced road clincher tire optimized for road racing or triathlon events in optimal weather and surface conditions
  • ElevenSTORM® rubber compound balances grip, efficiency, puncture resistance, comfort with impressive wear and durability.
  • 1.6mm max tread thickness leads to smooth ride, impressive feel
  • Widely spaced tread voids aid rubber in increasing cornering grip, but the tread itself favors speed and low rolling resistance
  • Reinforced nylon belt under center zone adds additional protection
  • 127 tpi fine fiber nylon casing is supple and makes installation easier
  • Very low rolling resistance without sacrificing comfort, speed, or dry road grip
  • Can be used with tube if desired, or in emergencies
  • Hutchinson recommends tubeless use with their Protect Air Max Sealant only
  • OE option is first quality tire, without retail packaging
  • Sold as a 2-pack (two OE tires, same size)
  • Size: 700x25
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 245 grams
  • Made in France