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These special purchase Hutchinson OE tires are first quality, standard products sold without retail packaging. This convenient 2-pack makes purchasing a pair simple and adds savings.

The all-season Fusion 5 Performance Road clincher tire is meant for anything from every day road riding through racing events. The ElevenSTORM rubber compound offers little rolling resistance, great speed and grip in light wet conditions. The Performance series tire features rod training and racing features and light weight.

The 127tpi casing is the perfect structure for the Fusion 5. The casing offers a consistently round shape, with more than enough suppleness under pressure, yet enough strength to feel substantial. The rubber compound to be the pinnacle of development for all-around tires, offering their best combination in the five performance highlights of a tire: Grip, Efficiency, Durability, Puncture resistance and Comfort. A flexible Kevlar puncture protection belt delivers flat protection under the center tread. The tread design is simple, with a constant center section and directional, angled recessed grooves that sipe away water and provide extra grip when cornering.

The use of Kevlar keeps this folding clincher tire firmly on the rim while maintaining overall tire suppleness. For the same reason a central zone Kevlar belt provides flat protection from small punctures and helps the tire adhere to the road surface at the low end of the tire pressure range. Overall, with ElevenSTORM really improving wear and durability overall, the Fusion 5 Performance Road Tire is capable racing and fast clincher training tire well suited to stiff wheels and fast pavement.

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  • Advanced Clincher Road tire optimized for all around, performance, wet and dry
  • Fusion 5 system balances Grip, Efficiency, Durability, Puncture resistance, Comfort
  • ElevenSTORM® rubber compound balances grip, efficiency, puncture resistance, comfort with i impressive wear and durability.
  • 1.6mm max tread thickness leads to smooth ride, impressive feel
  • Folding clincher bead with Kevlar cord
  • Kevlar protection belt added for additional protection under tread
  • 127 tpi fine fiber nylon casing is wonderfully supple
  • Fast rolling tread with recessed directional angled siping for grip, water displacement
  • OE option is first quality tire, without retail packaging
  • Sold as a 2-pack (two OE tires, same size)
  • OE Size: 700x25, 700x28
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 215 grams (25mm)
  • Made in France
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