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Gravel Tires Tubeless

Hutchinson Overide Tubeless Tire OE

These special purchase Hutchinson OE tires are first quality, standard products sold without retail packaging.

The Overide is Hutchinson's key tire for gravel usage, whether occasional or intensive. Classic roads, degraded, paths or tracks, the Overide is the ideal mounting for versatile and improvised outings. The Dual Compound rubber has been developed to bring better surface adhesion and overall ride quality. The Tubeless Ready version is the top selling option, with its bead to bead Hardskin reinforcement offering true benefits for lower pressures. The advantages of lower pressures are the key to ride quality, grip, forgiveness and lower rolling resistance.

The Overide TL is ideal for daily training and long events where the less time you sped fixing flats, the better off you are. Will the pure aerobar gravel racers go this route, perhaps not, but not everyone is out to set records. Finishing with some dignity and enough energy to clean up is a win for many endurance gravel riders. The combination of a 127 TPI casing, Hardksin, and the advanced Dual Compound tread all come together to to create a fast rolling, very capable gravel tire you can rely on. Hutchinson is known for their highly evolved tread designs and the progressive nature of the tread as you move off the center gets more assertive, with a great balance of terrain grabbing nubs, graduating to better soft material tread, to offset shoulder treads that allow for stable and sure cornering on pavement or dirt. If you are looking for a new all around go-to option, you have to seriously consider the Hutchinson Overide TL Ready Gravel Tire, and with this OE version, you can save a few bucks in the process.


  • Evolved gravel tire for all around use, with speed, comfort, grip and durability
  • OE option is first quality tire, without retail packaging
  • Tubeless Ready Clincher that seals great as a TL tire on most rim designs
  • Dual Compound rubber delivers better ride, grip and wear
  • Hardskin Bead to Bead protection is supple, effective and ideal for tubeless use
  • 127 TPI casing with typical Hutchinson perfect round results
  • Progressive, highly effective variable tread design
  • OE 700c Sizes: 35, 38, 40, 45 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 400 grams (38mm)