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Gravel Tires Tubeless

These special purchase Hutchinson OE tires are first quality, standard products sold without retail packaging. This convenient 2-pack makes purchasing a pair simple and adds savings.

The Touareg Tubeless Tire improves upon Hutchinson’s famous Overide gravel tire when it comes to riding on rougher terrains. Touareg’s knobs are more pronounced, with greater volume and wider dimensions. The design was intended to provide protection and grip even on the most rugged terrain, as well as some floatation on softer surfaces like sand, where digging too far down is a detriment. All that makes sense, given the name Hutchinson has applied to the design. The Taureg people of North Africa have long been well known for traversing the historical desert trade routes of harsh rock and sand from the Atlas Mountains to the west of the Sahara.

  • The tread and shape of the Touareg is functional across a range of surfaces, handling pavement stretches and transitions well, allowing for very good rolling speed and minimized rolling resistance while still managing rain and mud or sand over the road surfaces and cornering of all kinds. The versatility of the Touareg is in part thanks to the continued development in the architecture of its knobs. The smaller and more compact small-blocks contribute to comfort and performance, on both rough terrain and smooth tarmac. With flat transitions on the block themselves, and a chevron-style directional center combination of blocks, the speed over pavement or hardpack is actually impressive. The transitional knobs wrap the shoulder and edges, in a progressive size and shape configuration that allows for the cornering, as well as stability of the footprint at lower pressures and the ability to gain traction in softer surfaces.

    The construction of the tire complements the tread perfectly, as it should when these are designed together. Hutchinson using a Bi-Compound (dual) that runs firmer in the center for durability, protection and lower rolling resistance. The shoulders and edge knobs are softer. Simple, but very effective. The 127tpi casing is supple and allows the Touareg to conform over harsher surfaces, especially at lower tubeless pressures. Hutchinson is known for the perfection of their casing structures and perfectly aligned tread rubber over the top, which is crucial in any tire, but any wobble in a high volume tire like this is both visually and physically noticeable. In between you get bead to bead support from a textile grid, and protection from the Hardskin puncture and abrasion resistance system.

    Hutchinson and Shimano partnered to develop the first road tubeless system, so the French tire company knows as much, if not more than any tire company about bead design, internal rubber sealing capability, and safety, and their Tubeless Ready tires are known for a great seal and stability at low pressures and the company recommends their specially formulated Max'Air Sealant for optimal results.

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  • Features

    • Diverse, high volume gravel tire for all around use, with speed, comfort, grip and durability
    • OE option is first quality tire, without retail packaging
    • Folding Tubeless design seals great as a TLR tire on most rim designs
    • 127 tpi textile grid casing is supple, provides ideal base structure and proper roundness for tread rubber
    • Hardskin Bead to Bead puncture and abrasion protection is supple, effective; ideal for tubeless use
    • Bi-Compound rubber delivers low rolling resistance and durability in center; soft shoulders for grip, control
    • Progressive, highly effective, versatile tread design with directional center and ;and greater shoulder/edge tread blocks
    • Sold as a 2-pack (two tires, same size)
    • OE Sizes: 700x40 (490g), 700x45 (610g)
    • Color: Black (700x40), Black/Tan (700x45)
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