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This simple and proven design from Innovation changes color from time to time, but the actual design and function remains the same. All you need to do is thread on a CO2 cartridge to the Nano head, then slide the opening of the Nano adapter over your valve. After this is accomplished, just un-screw and back off the CO2 cartridge to release the CO2 into the tube or tire. You can throttle the amount of air flow by twisting the cartridge right/tight and left/loose which is effectively opening and closing the flow. Push on for Presta, screw on for Schrader valves.

Robust nylon construction with metal and brass inner valve parts ensure durability (and reliability) in the field. The Nano is an incredibly simple design and simple in this case means durable and flawless execution of air insertion every time.

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  • Simple and durable design
  • Includes one 16 gram cartridge
  • Uses threaded cartridges only
  • Fits most disc wheels
  • Proven winner in the field
  • Tiny profile fits into small packs and pockets
  • Made in USA

This item must ship UPS Ground and to United States Continental Addresses Only

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