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The Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tackle Tire Repair Kit is the top selling such option on the market because it is well conceived and works extremely well to fill larger holes your tubeless sealant can manage. Essentially this kit closely resembles a car tire plug repair kit. The Tackle version features an alloy weatherproof storage capsule. That holds the included plugs, two Presta valve cores, an integrated valve removal tool. The top that unscrews from the capsule features the compact plugging handle. The kit comes with five tough, vulcanized butyl rubber rope plugs. You can make quick and clean work of holes in seconds. GI even came up with a catchy name for the rope plugs- a side of bacon, so when you run out you just need to order a "Side of Bacon".

The process is simple: identify the hole, insert the middle distance of one plug into the open end tool and then push the tool with the plug slightly into the tire so that it is properly inside and the end lengths are exposed outside the tire. Done. Though we do recommend you trim down the ends- though just to knob level, not flush to the tire. Your sealant will help add extra protection from the inside.

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  • Effective, quick and easy tubeless tire repair kit with alloy capsule container
  • Simple to use on the trail or road; packs almost anywhere
  • 5 vulcanized butyl rubber rope repair plugs
  • 2 Presta core valves
  • Small, strong plugger tool w/ 1" threader length with 0.078" threader diameter
  • Alloy weatherproof storage capsule (0.875" L x 0.875" W x 2.8125" H)
  • Don't forget the Side of Bacon refill (#G20452)
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 56 grams
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