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Izumi has been making high quality, durable chains for bikes, powered vehicles and manufacturing since 1916. The Model Eco 1/8" pitch is primarily designed for general single speed use, perfect for road, fixie, and mountain use on virtually any non-geared drivetrain, and great as a track training chain. The cromoly steel construction is highly durable and wears exceptionally well, leading many users to believe it won't stretch. All chains wear over time, but the Model Eco i well-known for its long-term value.

The Izumi Model Eco features 116 links, 1/2th by 1/8th. The included master link holds securely and matches the profile of the chain. We see this chain as ideal for fixie use when road training, and recommend you use the Model Eco with quality steel rings and cogs. Izumi recommends their Model V (Super Toughness) which is rated by NJS for true track use and racing, but track training with the Model aEco is not a problem. Just keep in mind that titanium or aluminum cogs, or low quality steel cogs or rings may be prone to faster wear when using this chain. Return to Top


  • 116 link 1/8th pitch chain for single speed bicycle use
  • Reputation for supreme durability- great for riders who choose to chain brake
  • Master link included
  • Finish options: Silver, Black/Gold, Gold
  • Made in Japan
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