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It's near impossible to discuss the Jagwire Elite Link cable set without drawing comparisons to classic Nokon linked-style housing. While the designs are similar, Jagwire offers a few design deviance that make it both unique and an easy choice for many of our customers.

At the very core of the Elite Link system is the Teflon (PTFE) liner. The Teflon coated cables slides effortlessly through the Teflon liner for slippery action. The sleeve and cable is now laced up with perfectly stacked and tensioned alloy blocks (links). This serves up a compression-less and friction-free environment for the most direct and and effortless cable pull available. These links bend and flex like a reed in the wind to offer up perfect zen like curves when laced up on your bike. Jagwire includes soft molded rubber clips which are installed over the alloy links wherever the housing will touch the frame.

Full kit includes

  • 400mm Link Segment on 2000mm Lubed Liner
  • 400mm Link Segment on 610mm Lubed Liner
  • 240mm Link Segment on 710mm Lubed Liner
  • 850mm Teflon®-Coated Front Brake Inner Cable
  • 1650mm Teflon®-Coated Rear Brake Inner Cable
  • Extra Links (26)
  • Open Alloy End Caps (2)
  • CGX-SL Brake Housing Segment, 300mm (2)
  • Adapter End Caps to 5mm Housing Stop (2)
  • Adapter End Caps to 5mm Brake Housing (2)
  • Cable Tips (2)
  • Mini Tube Tops (7)
  • Cable Donuts (3)
  • Rotating Hooks (2)
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