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The K-EDGE Garmin Stem Mount is a great upgrade solution for cyclists who prefer their computer above the stem. Mounting off of a 1⅛" steerer tube, the mount replaces a standard 5mm spacer and is locked securely in place by the top cap compression system. This adjustable version allows for a variety of different stem angles. It can be used with positive or negative degree stems and additional spacers can be added (5mm to 10mm) above the stem. Note that some of the larger GPS computers/head units will not always work with a steep angled stem.

  • Originally designed with mountain biking in mind, the K-EDGE Stem mount is also ideal for much more including: gravel, cyclocross, or adventure riding. Some sport and recreational riders simply prefer this position for road cycling. A 3mm bolt allows infinite angle adjustment to match the stem angle and accommodate stems that have a positive rise. The K-Edge's Garmin head unit 1/4 turn interface is constructed from a high density, Garmin approved copolymer plastic. This attachment has a click-fit for which allows for the ultimate in security when fastening your precious Garmin while offering a light touch so it will not harm the Garmin's 1/4 turn mount of aluminum or plastic. As far as the body of the mount itself, all non-essential material has been machined off to reduce the weight to a scant 24 grams.

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  • Features

    • High quality aluminum steerer tube interface Garmin-ready mount with adjustable that replaces a 5mm spacer above your stem clamping zone

    • Complete CNC construction of the mount structure
    • Co-Polymer computer interface with click-fit for Garmin is replaceable
    • Fits most Garmin Edge units unless stem is short with an up-angle rise
    • Durable and reliable
    • Compatible with 1⅛" steerer tube
    • Weight: 25 grams
    • Handmade in USA
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