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The K-Edge Garmin Sport TT mount is a lightweight and highly adjustable mount for positioning any Garmin computer on aero bars. The pivoting two-piece design offers multiple mounting positions based on aero bars, hydration systems, and rider preference. The Garmin interface features a specific quarter-turn insert design included here. The replaceable Garmin Insert with K-Edge's “Definitive Click” locking system cannot be matched, same with the machined aluminum mount.

Stability, durability, resilience, adjustability, and precision machining. Those are the words most often mentioned about K-Edge's dedication to quality and performance that drive cyclists to purchase these fantastic mounts. K-Edge's R&D department has honed its testing lab to replicate 100’s of Paris Roubaix cobblestone races before confirming a design and prototype is ready for its outdoor test. This exacting design and testing system is critical, especially when the outdoor test is winning an event such as Paris-Roubaix, or Unbound gravel, or even the "Kona" Ironman World Championship.

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  • Lightweight, highly adjustable mount for positioning any Garmin GPS computer head unit on aero bars
  • Pivoting two-piece design offers multiple mounting positions based on equipment/rider preferences
  • For 22.2mm diameter aero bar extensions
  • Compatible with all Garmin EDGE computers
  • Highly adjustable for a multitude of mounting positions
  • Replaceable Garmin Insert with K-EDGE “Definitive Click” locking system
  • GoPro interface compatible
  • Lifetime Guarantee against material or manufacture defects | Damages due to abuse or crashing excluded
  • Dimensions: 11×20×4 cm
  • Anodized Colors: Blue
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Made in Boise, Idaho, USA
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