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The K-Edge Computer TT Mount is the best and only sane option for mounting a Garmin Edge computer in between your TT extensions. The way a Garmin Edge attaches to a mount is to have the computer body perpendicular to the mount as you initially clip it on, then secure it by turning it 90 degrees. Simple enough, but there is no room between your TT extensions to get the Garmin initially on the mount because it is too long. The problem is the width between the extensions is smaller than the length of the Garmin computer and the K-Edge TT Mount is the solution.

The K-Edge TT mount has a dial that rotates the attachment clip, so you do not have to rotate the Garmin. Absolutely brilliant and a must for any rider pairing a Garmin with their TT bike, which is just about everyone we know that owns a TT bike. As with other Garmin mounts, The K-Edge's interface is constructed from a high density, Garmin approved copolymer plastic. This attachment has a click fit for which allows for the ultimate in security when fastening your precious Garmin while offering a light touch so it will not harm the Garmin's plastic housing. Bomber 6061-T6 CNC construction from solid billet makes the mount virtually indestructible. All edges have been chamfered and polished for a smooth touch. Anodization adds some color and additional durability. These mounts will fit any standard 22.2mm TT extension.

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  • The final word in mounting a Garmin Edge to a TT bike
  • Perfect CNC Construction
  • Fits all Garmin Edge head units
  • Durable and reliable
  • Fits all standard 22.2mm TT extensions
  • Handmade in USA
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