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The engineers at K-Edge take their original Chain Catcher design to greater heights with the Pro Chain Catcher. This is pretty impressive considering the original, non-Pro version was widely thought of as the industries best.

The design features an independent setup and installation of front derailleur and the K-Edge Pro Chain Catcher. Consider it a separation of church and state. Upon close inspection, you will notice a separate adjustment bolt located below the fixing bolt. It exists to add strength while improving holding power to ensure the chain cannot drop below the chain catcher. The final improvement is the curved ramp profile that serves up a quicker chain engagement with the chainring. If you're looking for the industries best chain catcher, you've just found it.

The Pro Chain Catcher is completely machined from a one solid piece of heat treated 6061-T6 alloy. The body and edges are all polished and it is completely anodized to complete the job. It is the strongest chain catcher made and built to last a life time.

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  • 6061-T6 CNC'd construction
  • Curved ramp profile
  • Separate adjustment bolt
  • Easy installation
  • Bombproof and reliable
  • Compatible with all braze-on front derailleurs
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • 10 grams
  • Made in USA
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