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KASK Koo Open Cube Eyewear

By enlisting the lens experts at Zeiss, Kask ensured that KOO's optics would be top quality and perfectly suited to the needs of cyclists. In creating a slimmer, lightweight frame system, with unique fit features, the Open charged to the front of the pack, but many cyclists prefer an open frame frame design at the bottom, and now we have the KOO Open Cube Eyewear for these riders. The shield shape lens is interchangeable, with great shape and coverage

Kask makes all of their products in Italy from components made there as well. The lightweight, yet strong polycarbonate frame of the KOO Open Cube is flexible, but also provides excellent structure for the pivoting arm and frame systems. You can pivot the shield while wearing to create more air flow, release moisture or ensure the best angle depending on riding position. This is referred to as the Active Airflow System. When you need to store or transport the KOO Open, you can rotate the arms so the curves align inward with the shield shape, which helps protect the whole assembly and reduce space needed. The system is very smart, and accomplished with thin interfaces, and never feels weak or susceptible to damage.

Though Kask hasn't let slip all the materials they use, the rubber for the arm grippers and nose pieces is seriously hydrophilic and grips well no matter how much you sweat. Despite the light weight the KOO Open stays in place. Even with the medium size Kask made the nose piece adjustable. The nose piece rides on the lens. Removing the lens is simple, with two hinged pieces at the outer edge on the frame that release. It is easy, but the lens will be secure. You do have to handle the lens, so using the cleaning bag to hold the lens is a good idea to minimize cleaning time.

The KOO Open Cube Eyewear comes with two lenses. One is the colored or primary lens, the second is a clear option for overcast days or off-season riding when protection doesn't include the brightness of the sun. Kask offers other lens options- sold separately. As stated before, the Zeiss optics are tremendous, with no loss of sharpness or focal point from the curved shape. You get full UV and glare protection in all lenses, and the Visible Light Transmission is listed in the options below.

The bold statement of the KOO Open Cube has been greeted with joy by Kask helmet fans who struggled to get a good fit from other manufacturers. We have found the the KOO Open Cube to work well many other helmets brands, as the streamlined design is quite effective. The open bottom frame design is a welcome addition to the line for riders who love the style, but prefer a frameless transition when looking down. We love the thin shapes, great Zeiss optics and smart features that Kask has brought to the KOO Eyewear, and are pleased to off the Koo Open Cube


  • Shield type, open bottom cycling eyewear with superb features and optics
  • Lenses made by Zeiss for KOO, optically correct, zero distortion, UV protection
  • Thin, sculpted polycarbonate frame and arms,
  • Arms pivot and rotate 360° for compact storage, protection
  • Lenses pivot for air flow adjustment, riding comfort, a.k.a. Active Airflow System
  • Rubber pieces on arms and nose pieces hydrophilic, grip wet or dry
  • Micrometrical Arm Adjustment for supremely personal fit
  • Adjustable folding nose piece
  • Interchangeable lens system controlled by rotating locks, easy to use
  • Kask supplies two Zeiss lenses, one colored, one clear
  • Includes: primary lens, structured case, lens cleaning bag, Clear lens
  • Lens VLT: Smoke Mirror 21%, White Infrared 19%
  • Size: Medium
  • Options: See selection box for frame and lens options
  • Weight: 33 grams