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Kask hit the ground running with the introduction of the Protone helmet. An instant favorite of staff and customers alike, this helmet fires on all cylinders. It's featherweight, super-vented, has a perfected fit and is simply beautiful to behold. The Protone is hand-made in Italy which is apparent, as it radiates both quality and class.

The very core purpose of a helmet is to offer you protection in the event of a crash. Now to offer proper protection is a fairly straight forward design task, however, to provide this protection in a lightweight, vented, low profile and aerodynamic package is a challenge to any engineer. The Protone features In Molding construction that provides a microshell to cover areas of the EPS foam that are less durable. It's a nice protection upgrade considering that most helmets makers leave exposed EPS foam in these areas in an effort to save weight and production cost. Similar to the use of rebar in concrete, the Protone uses a proprietary Inner Frame reinforcement design. This is an internally reinforced composite skeleton to fortify the helmet, which make it one of the strongest helmets in its class.

Sizing has never been easier with Kask's Octo Fit retention system. One rubber dial opens and closes by dialing the knob left or right. Just turn the dial to open and close and when you find your desired tension simply let go of the dial and it's set. The Octo Fit system features adjustable height, so you can adjust for the proper fit on the occipital lobe (lower rear portion of your skull.) In addition to height adjustment, two elliptical shaped supports are width adjustable and automatically pivot to body map your head. The Eco Leather straps are comfortable and a breeze to size up and adjust due to the simple and clever cam lock lever. Kask designers went the extra step and used 3D DRY multi layer and open cell padding with a Coolmax cover for helmet pads. These are the most comfortable and robust pads we have seen to date. The multi layer/open cell foam with circular perforations expedites the removal of moisture and perspiration from your head to the outer area of the pad for drying. What you get is moisture management at its best. All pads are removable and washable.

In the venting department, Kask has developed a series of coordinated vents named Aero Control. The Protone strategically placed 7 massive front vents to provide air intake for cooling. These front vents work in tandem with the rear vents to provide heat porting (exhaust ports) which provides hot air release. The air coming in through the front vents cool your head and then travels through the rear vents to expel the hot air that was collected. Towards the rear of the top of the helmet you will find a small section that is void of vents for improved aerodynamics.

Perhaps the best feature of the Protone is the one that you cannot quantify. The styling of this beautifully sculpted product is both sublime and definitively Italian. From the low profile fit to the way it feels and looks on your head, the hand-made Protone has no equal.

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  • Super vented and super light road helmet with distinctive design and features
  • Perfected fit and sculpting
  • Low profile styling
  • Aero Control venting system
  • Octo Fit retention system
  • Inner Frame and In Molding skeletal construction
  • Washable ECO leather chin strap
  • 3D DRY multi layer, open cell padding
  • Helmet bag included
  • 228 grams (Medium)
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Choose from many options in selection menu
  • Made in Italy
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