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Let's see: super lightweight, maximum ventilation, special consideration given to aerodynamics structural safety and a feature you hadn't thought of- anti static properties. We have KASK, the helmet company that outfits Team Ineos Now it all makes sense. The collaboration process of Ineos with all of their partners pushes new boundaries, designs, and technologies and working with KASK is no exception. The Valegro Helmet was built for the heat and incredible rider outputs of the summer Grand Tours, where helmet comfort, ventilation, and practical features keep the cyclists as happy as possible as they suffer in pursuit of glory.

At 180 grams (Small, 215g Medium), the Valegro can clearly be considered very lightweight while still exceeding EU and US safety standards. The sheer number of vents and ports (37!) serve to allow fresh air in and heat and moisture laden air out. KASK calls the system HyVent and the theory is to limit heat collection areas and to quickly breakup and release it. That is why the vents are numerous and narrower than many popular helmets employ. Different systems and channel structures offer different results, but we can say the Valegro is an exemplar of the efficacy of HyVent. It works great, yet is pretty quiet overall.

To achieve the crash protection strength KASK employs several proven technologies. The first is an In-Moulding system, which joins the inner polystyrene shell to the outer polycarbonate layer. MIT technology creates a greater safety and protection through complete coverage by the polycarbonate layer over the shell as well as around the base ring of the helmet, and at the rear. This means the energy absorbing material has greater protection at impact, and though it does disperse energy effectively, more of the overall structure stays together, offering great protection in multiple head impact falls or slides. Structure is only part of the safety equation, as fit and comfort matter if a cyclist is to wear the helmet properly.

The Octo Fit retention system uses floating cradle contact points, combined with internal gel pads for optimal comfort. The system uses a rear facing rubberized Micro Dial adjuster for seemingly infinite control. The floating contact points are designed to oscillate freely over 180° planes, so with the range of adjustment virtually any head shape can be comfortably accommodated. The actual Skeletal Brackets that carry the system are stable, strong, and as light as possible. The Octo Fit is complemented directly by the 3D Dry Padding, which uses a multi-layer open-cell foam creation process to create fast-wicking, thermoformed, tri-dimensional padding that is anti-static, bacterio-static, regulates heat and transfer heat thanks to the use of Resistex Carbon material. The floating strap and chin pad system is a favorite of KASK riders. The soft, padded, eco leather is known for it's comfort, keeping the buckle off sensitive skin and facial hair.

While the Valegro isn't a true aero helmet, KASK and Team Ineos spent considerable time in the wind tunnel to improve the airflow and aerodynamic properties for two reasons. The first is the expect- to reduce drag, even that caused by the vent positions and shapes, as well as the general shape of the helmet. The second reason was to improve the in and out airflow for ventilation AND that impact on aerodynamics. That attention to detail is typical of the granular approach that Team Ineos has mined throughout their existence. KASK is a willing, and highly capable partner in this approach. Take the unexpected detail- the anti-static properties of the padding. The inner fabric fibers used absorb and disperse electric charges from physical exertion or the actual environment. Would you have considered that necessary? Likely not, but KASK and Ineos felt it worth their attention, and perhaps this is the type of micro detail that contributes to winning Grand Tours. Look for the Valegro in the mountains and on very hot days - Team SKY pros will be wearing it.

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  • Super lightweight, smartly aerodynamic, highly ventilated road helmet ideal for the hottest days on any terrain
  • HyVent 37 port ventilation system reduces heat trapping zones and breaks those up quickly and effectively, bringing air in and out quickly and efficiently
  • Antibacterial, anti-static tri-dimensional 5mm open cell foam padding is breathable, comfortable on the skin
  • KASK Octo Fit retention system uses 180° floating cradle contact points, combined with internal gel pads for supreme fit, controlled by rear rubberized Micro Dial
  • In-Mould polystyrene/polycarbonate construction with MIT tech, which protects inner shell over the top, around base ring, and rear structure
  • Eco Leather chin pad is soft, washable, non-allergic, keeps buckle off sensitive area
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: See selection menu for options
  • Weight: 180 grams (Small)
  • Made in Italy
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