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Did you know that nearly all master or quick chain link's are intended for single use only? In other words, once you close the link and re-open it, the link no longer meets the exacting tolerances required and needs to be replaced. The mechanisms wear with each closure and are unsafe for multiple uses. KMC's 11-speed MissingLink system is no different, but the Japanese masters of chains for bike and industrial use do offer this MissingLink 11R Reusable 11-Speed Link. The designation 11-speed with CL555R indicates Reusable.

Designed for all KMC X-11 chains, in nickle-plated silver finish for standard options, or DLC coated in black for DLC versions, the 11-Speed Reusable link is also considered compatible with all Shimano, and SRAM 11-speed chains, giving you a reusable option that is safe and applicable to multiple drivetrain set-ups. This means if you are planning to carry an 11-speed chain link in your saddle bag, this is the best option overall.

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  • Reusable link for Shimano, SRAM and KMC 11-speed chains
  • Steel link that is durable and machined for multiple uses
  • Nickel plated against corrosion and wear
  • DLC coated version for DLC chains, in Black (priced higher)
  • Requires use of a link opening tool and a chain plier for use
  • KMC# CL555R
  • Finish: Silver (standard X-11), Black DLC (DLC coated chains)
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