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Kool Stop has been making brake pads since 1978 with two goals in mind. First, to create brake pads that offer improved stopping power over stock pads, and second to achieve this through the use of better rubber compounds and an air-cooled design that acts as a heat sink, keeping heat off the rim surface.

Through the years there have been many design developments, changes in pad shapes and style, but the first generation compounds Kool Stop developed proved to be quite effective, durable, and cost effective. As the major component players began drastically improving their brake pads, Kool Stop was still an excellent choice, as the compounds were now available for more specific riding environments and materials- wet, dry, carbon, etc.

The Kool Stop Dura Brake pads have now been replaced with the Dura 2, with refined versions of the various compounds, a thicker overall pad for increased longevity, a narrower rim interface at 7.65mm, and reduced weight thanks to the cut-outs on the back side of the pad. You still get your choice of options based on need, grooves that release water, and impressive braking with low heat build-up. As always the brake pads are exceptionally rim friendly, reducing the likelihood of uneven rim wear. If you have run Kool Stop pads, you know how it is to the perfect pad for your local or seasonal conditions. If you haven't tried them, you should. We have carried Kool Stop Dura pads for many years and heard countless customers rave about how their braking performance improved with pads.

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  • Improved Dura 2 brake pads offer longer wear, a narrower rim interface, less weight
  • Rim friendly compounds designed for specific conditions/purposes
  • Shimano and SRAM padholder compatible
  • Black- designed specifically for dry conditions, great for all weather,
  • Salmon- most aggressive compound for extreme wet weather, good in dry
  • Triple- superb braking and controlled stopping in all weather conditions.
  • Carbon- works great on most carbon wheels, designed to withstand, fast steep descents with minimal pad wear
  • Carbon 1003 (red)- designed for cyclocross racing for superb all-conditions braking
  • Weight: Varies slightly by compound
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