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If you have purchased the Kuat NV 2.0 2" receiver bike rack, and want to carry four bikes, this NV Add-On 2.0 2" +2 is the item you require. Three years of planning, design and development have gone into the NV 2.0, which shares the name and the essential base rack design of the first generation, but now is much more refined with updates across the board, from the ratchet arms, to the cradles, as well as the security features and a fully redesigned pivot system. In just about every meaningful way to the user, this is a new rack. If you loved the NV, prepare to fall in love all over again.

One aspect of the redesign was driven by the reality that tires have gotten wider. Yes fat bikes have become common, and now there are more 3"+ oversized tire options for your 27.5 and 29" models. The new cradles and arm hooks will securely accommodate up to 4.8" tires with ease, without feeling sloppy on lower volume models. The new front cradle design is adjustable, and easy to manage, creating a more customize fit based on your wheel and bike size. The updated ratchet arms result in a more stable control, and the release button feels more intuitive, with easier action. From direct customer feedback, Kuat made the individual bike security cables longer, with increased durability and ease of use. Try to imagine moving from the solid and reliable Toyota Camry to a top end Lexus. Everything feels more refined and intuitive, solid.

The powder coated aluminum has a gloss dark gray finish, with water transferred logos, and the orange aluminum shafts of the ratcheting arms add a distinctive look that won't look out of place on any vehicle. The Add-On design is simple, and maintains all the features of the base rack. Installation of the 30lb unit is easy (you may want a helper) with the included hex wrench- here is the abridged version: you remove the built-in repair stand from the base rack by unlocking and sliding it all the way out. You now have easy access to the required bolt to remove the endcap. Pre-load the long mounting bolts into the Add-On, then insert into the end of the base rack. Then tighten the bolts down with the hex wrench, install the end cap on the Add-On, and slide in your repair stand. When installed and open, the rack extends back 57.5" from the receiver and weighs a 79lbs, unloaded. You can still open tilt away and close the rack to the vehicle, but it recommended you have two people when the rack is loaded. All other functions and the integrated bike cable locking system are the same as the base rack.

f you are in the market for a 2-bike hitch rack with 2-bike add-on capability, the Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack and NV Add-On 2.0 2in +2 combo is the best functioning, most secure complete package, and is incredibly user friendly with the most bike flexibility available today. Return to Top


  • Upgraded and refined, 2" 2-bike add-on for NV 2.0 2-bike rack
  • Stout aluminum construction keeps weight manageable, won't rust
  • Great for all bikes: road, cross, fat, plus, freeride, DH, and many children's bikes
  • As shipped, fits 20"-29" wheeled bikes with up to 4.8" tires
  • 13" of room between bikes means zero bike-to-bike interaction
  • Allows you to carry up to 4 bikes each (cradle capacity up to 60lbs)
  • Total carrying capacity of up to 120 lbs in 4-bike mode
  • Even with bikes loaded, you get easy access to trunk or hatch
  • Updated, longer integrated cable lock system, more secure and durable
  • Front wheel cradles now easily adjustable to customize fit
  • Relocate Trail Doc repair stand from base unit to extension at installation
  • Powder coat finish is durable to weather and chemicals
  • Add-On unit only, must have NV 2.0 2" 2-bike rack already
  • Not compatible with 1st generation NV rack
  • Color: Gray Metallc, Black Metallic
  • Add-on weight: 30 lbs

The NV Add-On 2.0 is compatible with newer NV 2.0 only

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