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Bike racks don't transcend reason or logic. That is not what what they are created for. Purpose built items get the job done, and the best designed products do the job to a high standard. That is what Kuat is known for- innovative, exceptionally well executed and manufactured products that are easy to use, safe and secure. Yes, they make bike racks and accessories, and yes they meet a high standard in all forms. But, how to take the best receiver hitch rack features and elements more secure, easier to use, more safe, more innovative- and be built to last while offering additional vehicle integration capabilities and accessories that only improve the user experience if required. When setting out to develop a new rack, the design engineers of Kuat sought to improve every aspect of the hitch rack experience, and where it couldn't be done, better execute existing technologies. Enter the final result, the Kuat Piston Pro X Hitch rack. What are some of those advances? How about Genuine Kashima coated hydro-pneumatic arms that make loading and unloading a one-handed operation. Touchless arms grab each of the tires, keeping your bike secure, and your paint pristine. Low-profile integrated led tail lights synchronize with your vehicle, providing enhanced rear visibility and on-road safety. These and many other features culminate in a rack designed, built, and tested to push the envelope and provide you with unparalleled ease of use, peace of mind, and lasting value.

The Hydro-Pneumatic Arms with Ratcheting Wheel Grips are a huge feature of the build. The premium Piston Pro X has arms with hydro-pneumatic struts that deploy automatically by simply tapping the release levers. They operate like the gas struts on your SUV that lift and support the rear hatch. The struts have a Kashima coating that keeps friction low, so they'll always open smoothly and in a controlled manner, even when exposed to water, mud, and road grime. To load your bikes, tap the levers to deploy the hydro-pneumatic arms, set your bikes on the trays, and rotate the arms up over the wheels. Ratchets hold the arms in place, so once you squeeze the arms against the wheels there's nothing left to do. When you're ready to unload your bikes, press the levers to release the arms - it's that simple. The U-shaped grips secure your bikes firmly by the wheels - not the frames, so they won't scratch or scuff the paint. Each grip has labelled settings for 18", 24", 26", 27.5" and 29" tires. Just pinch the spring-loaded levers on each grip and slide it to the corresponding tire size for each bike - no tools required.

Grooved Wheel Trays have recessed tracks that accommodate narrow 18c road bike tires up to 5" fat bike tires. The Piston Pro X doesn't have cradles for the wheels like most platform-style bike racks have. This allows you to position your bikes on the rack exactly where you want them, not where the cradles dictate you place them. This helps prevent your handlebars and other bike parts from bumping into each other. The Spring-Loaded Lever for Easy Tilting and Folding allows you to tilt the rack down with bikes loaded for cargo area access. Just pull up on the lever, then you can lower the rack in a controlled manner. When the rack is unloaded and not in use you can fold it up closer to the back of the vehicle for lower profile storage. To keep you visible and safe, the Piston Pro X has built-in LED brake lights and turn signals. The lights are powered via the built-in wiring harness that plugs into your vehicle's existing 4-way connector. The lights are visible whether the rack is up or down. There are many auto dealers, mechanics, and hitch installers that can properly set-up a 4-way flat connector have one if your vehicle doesn't.

Easy Installation is feature of the Piston Pro X. Just slide the shank into your hitch and use the included security tool to tighten the flatlock cam. An anti-rattle wedge is deployed inside the shank to help take play out of the hitch connection. It also comes complete with all aspects of Complete Security for Bikes and Rack. The security tool has a hollow-point hex indentation, so it can only be used with the Piston Pro X. This helps keep the rack secure on your vehicle. When you're done using it, simply lock it in place in the compartment at the front of the rack. A stainless steel hitch lock is also included for extra rack security. The Piston Pro X also includes a cable lock that secures your bikes to the rack. The 12-mm thick, braided steel cable threads through your bike's frames, and locks back into the rack. The cable has a soft rubber cover that won't scratch or scuff your bikes' paint.

For riders with heavier electric bikes, Kuat offers a Telescoping Ramp. The aluminum ramp (sold separately) lets you roll your heavy e-bikes on and off the rack - no heavy lifting required. The ramp telescopes to create an angle small enough that you can roll your bikes up and down it with ease. To set up the ramp, rotate one of the Piston Pro X's ratcheting arms toward the ground, clamp the ramp onto the corresponding tray, and roll your bike up. With your bike on the tray, remove the ramp, and ratchet the arms over the wheels. When you're done, contract the ramp and store it in your trunk or hatch. It is a great accessory for those who need it.

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  • Premium-grade bike hitch mounted rack with innovative features, improved security and ease of use
  • Platform bike rack carries 2 bikes using your vehicle's hitch receiver
  • Accommodates most e-bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and bikes with fenders (fender strap sold separately)
  • Arms with hydro-pneumatic pistons open automatically with the tap of a lever
  • Kashima-coated struts produce little friction and resist water, mud, and road grime
  • U-shaped grips hold your bikes securely by the wheels - no frame contact
  • Each grip has labelled settings for 18", 24", 26", 27.5" and 29" tires
  • Pinch levers let you select tire size in seconds
  • Long wheel trays accommodate bikes with different wheelbases
  • Tiered trays help prevent bike-to-bike contact
  • Spring-loaded lever lets you tilt and fold the rack
  • Tilts with bikes loaded to access cargo area
  • Tamper-resistant flatlock cam reduces movement of rack in hitch receiver
  • 8-mm Security wrench and stainless steel hitch lock included
  • Keyed-alike locks deter theft of your bikes and the rack
  • Integrated LED brake lights and turn signals increase safety and visibility; 4-Way flat trailer plug connects to vehicle
  • Gray powder coated aluminum rack and steel hitch are corrosion resistant
  • Kuat limited lifetime warranty
  • 2-Bike / 2" version specifications:
    • Carries 2- bikes (additional 2-bike extension available
    • 67 lbs per tray when used on a rated vehicle
    • 42 lbs per tray when used on a Chassis Mount RV receiver hitch
    • Bike max wheelbase: 53" (1346.2mm)
    • Max tire width: 5" (127mm)
    • Distance from face of hitch to:
      • Closest part of rack when folded down: 10-1/8"
      • Closest part of rack when folded up: 6-3/8"
      • Farthest part of rack when folded down: 29-3/8"
  • Rack Weight: 60 lbs
  • Color: Galaxy Gray
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