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Lazer offers several helmets that have achieved a 5-Star rating from Virginia Tech University's Bicycle Helmet Test Lab, but for road racers the most exciting is not only rated for safety with a brand new rotational impact protection system, but also for aerodynamics, optimal cooling, and terrific fit. This is the Vento KinetiCore Road Helmet and it may change the way you purchase helmets now and in the future. Some quick stats and info from Lazer: This helmet is engineered for speed and elevated performance. At 29% lighter, 2.3% more aerodynamic, and providing 5.4% better cooling and ventilation than its predecessor Lazer Bullet 2.0, the Vento KinetiCore packs superior comfort and performance-driven features for those seeking more than just marginal gains. Those are real improvements over a highly regarded aero road helmet. Then there is the safety factor. KinetiCore by Lazer is the world’s first responsibly designed and fully Integrated Rotational Impact Protection technology that’s built better by design. The system is integrated right into the helmet instead of added on after, with the result that KinetiCore delivers next-level protection in addition to weight reduction and increased ventilation. Strong claims, for sure, but KinetiCore could be the way of the future, as Lazer and their R&D partners feel that although the current version is highly effective- and tests as such, but will only be improved upon with further engineering and testing.

KinetiCore provides customers with the ultimate in lightweight comfort and ventilation, while providing the confidence that they’re protected from multiple types of impact while cycling. By removing material for the extra ventilation and Controlled Crumple Zones, Lazer also takes steps in reducing its impact on the environment by using less plastic than in comparable older models. The whole series of actions that drove the zone development within the context of the overall needs of a race-ready cycling helmet were originally driven by numerous computer simulations of how the helmet, head and percussive energy from several impact angles. The data helped determine the actual rotational forces from impact and provided the information required to start shaping the Controlled Crumple Zones. Those iterative designs were tested physically to determine effectiveness. The process was lengthy, and at times, defeating, but the research team pushed through and eventually believed they had a design worthy of the Virginia Tech Test Lab. This was the first fully integrated (not an added layer or multi-component assembly) design that demonstrated the proper level of effectiveness against rotational impact forces during a crash that can cause concussions or traumatic brain injuries. No system is 100% effective, but Lazer feels KinetiCore is the best way forward, as the impact energy is dissipated and managed without compromising the full integrity of the helmet. In creating the inner shell design weight was also reduced, retention, fit and cooling was improved, and overall aerodynamic benefit was achieved. The reduced material added another benefit: its streamlined design resulted in a more sustainable build with a reduced carbon footprint- while sparing no expense for performance.

The highly breathable Vento KinetiCore is designed to be worn with the rider in the sprint position at a 15° angle to maximize aerodynamic performance in combination with the forward facing shell design- which also integrates with the advanced ventilation system to facilitate cooling. This Venturi advanced design draws cool air in and expels hot air through the rear of the helmet very efficiently with minimal added drag, and utilizes the inner shapes for cooling and heat release over the entire skull without whistling or significant wind noise. From a retention perspective, the easy fit ScrollSys belt system accessed from the rear of the shell tailors the helmet to your head in seconds. Concurrently the floating front headband increases airflow and eliminates pressure points, so you can focus on the ride ahead, not on adjusting your gear. Lazer loves details and added the convenient silicone docking system to the side vents that keeps eyewear secure when not in use. In addition, the Vento KinetiCore Road Helmet is compatible with the helmet mountable Universal Lazer LED Light (sold separately) to ensure you are visible under any light level or in a myriad of weather conditions.

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  • Innovative aero road helmet that can be worn at all times, with incredible fit, comfort, and safety features, as well as measured aerodynamic efficiency when worn at the proper angle
  • Rotational protection: Lazer KinetiCore with Controlled Crumple Zones absorb the force of both direct and rotational impacts in the event of a crash to re-direct energy away from your head
  • Shell developed for fit in the cyclist sprinter position at a 15° angle with a reduced frontal surface for superior aerodynamic performance
  • Venturi advanced ventilation system draws cool air in and expels hot air through the rear of the helmet
  • Materials: EPS Foam, Polycarbonate, Nylon
  • Side vent located Eyewear Docking System with silicone gripper for no-slip retention
  • Fit system: Scrollsys (on rear of shell) features a belt drive for quick and smooth adjustment on the fly
  • Compatible with Lazer's Optional Universal LED accessory
  • Received a rating of 5 Stars (out of 5) from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Matte Black, White, Red Bull/Wout van Aert
  • Weight: 290 grams (Medium)
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Head Circumference52-56 cm / 20"-22"55-59 cm / 21.5"-23.5"58-61 cm / 22.5"-24"
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