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Lazer Z1 Helmet

Belgian helmet manufacturer Lazer has been a substantial player in Europe and in pro cycling and triathlon, as well as having had strong distribution in the US for about a decade. Still, with Giro and Bell dominating the market here, the striking designs and features of Lazer's best helmets have struggled to deeply penetrate US cycling. Over the past few years that has started to change, with the Lazer Z1 challenging the very best road helmets of every manufacturer all over the world. Besides being a seriously lightweight everyday helmet, the Lazer Z1 also features an ecosystem of associated products that integrate with the design, such as the Magneto eyewear attachment, Aeroshell, Lifebeam, Z-LED light, and Aquapad, which helps to keep you cool on the hottest days. Cyclists seeking the best of all worlds find investing in a Z1 to be prudent, and when you factor in the terrific fit, comfort, venting, and safety systems, the Z1 has move to the top of many cyclist's Wish Lists.

Lazer starts with a simple concept- building the best helmet as light as possible. As such, every material, every feature, and the overall design is optimized for light weight. Rider comfort through fit and ventilation then define the structural elements and the integration of systems such as retention, adjustment, and safety. The In-Mold polycarbonate and EPS construction process is shared by almost all of the top helmet companies, but Lazer is masterful with shaping and sculpting the EPS foam to keep the overall helmet profile limited and creating ideal ventilation flow and air circulation to release heat and moisture as efficiently as possible. The 31 vents are either optimized to draw in or release air, and are designed for moderate aerodynamics. The Z1 has gone through considerable vent tunnel and windtunnel testing to both improve and verify the overall effectiveness of the design and passive systems.

The RBS system is a key to the Z1's strength and crash protection. Most know that EPS foam is designed to dissipate energy at impact, with the shell providing protection to the foam itself. At first impact, helmets made in this fashion do their immediate job- protect the skull. However, many crash events, high speed in particular, result in multiple impacts or extended contact with the ground while sliding. RBS is an internal structure molded into the EPS, which allows the EPS to expand and dissipate the initial impact energy, yet hold together enough to provide protection beyond that point. This Rigidity Brace System is essentially a roll cage inside the helmet. Lazer keeps it light and very effective, allowing the engineers to the overall weight done and meet CPSC and CEN safety requirements.

Fit and retention are provided by a combination of the flexible, triangular adjustable head basket, which cradles the rear of the skull, and the Advanced Rollsys System, which uses an easily accessible rolling thumb dial on the tail of the Z1 to deliver retention micro-adjustments with minimal effort. This ARS system has won many awards in it's evolution, and is continually improved. The ARS draws equally from the front, side and rear of the helmet to provide a balanced, lightly compressive, symmetrical fit without any pressure points. As great as several other retention systems are, the ARS may be the very best that most riders will ever use. The X-Static anti-microbial helmet pads offer great feel on the skin, and have just enough density to get the job done. Finally, the flat, soft nylon straps are easy to adjust and manage, even with gloves on, making the overall Z1 fit and retention system a pleasure to to experience, and one you'll never take for granted.

And did we say light? The Z1 in a size small weighs a featherweight 190 grams. A medium just 220 grams. As you have read here, this isn't some stripped down race helmet, but a fully featured and high functioning consumer and pro ready helmet that meets all the safety standards required by the US and the EU. When you add in the perfectly integrated complementary features and options (sold separately), it is no surprise Lazer earned their way onto the podium with the Z1.


  • Featherweight road cycling helmet with superior fit and retention system
  • Vent tunnel tested to to ensure 31 vents smoothly allow air to flow through
  • Wind tunnel tested for best possible aero design in an open vented helmet
  • ARS retention system delivers symmetrical tension via thumb roll dial at back
  • Triangular head basket system softly cradles skull, X-Static pads provide comfort
  • In-Mold EPS/Polycarbonate construction with RBS internal roll cage for strength
  • Soft, wide nylon straps are easy to use and adjust, comfortable on skin
  • Lazer offer many complementary accessory features for the Z1 design
  • Meets or exceeds all US CPSC and EU CEN impact/safety requirements
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Red/White, White/Silver, Matte Black
  • Weight: 190 grams (Small)
Head Circumference52-56 cm / 20"-22"55-59 cm / 21.5"-23.5"58-61 cm / 22.5"-24"