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Pumps & CO2 Pump Heads & Small Parts

If you need to replace or upgrade the pump hose on your Lezyne Micro Floor Drive pump, this hose and inline gauge system is your best option. With the specific requirements of so many tire and rim designs, as well as the desire for accuracy and small pressure regulation with tubeless tires, a great digital pressure gauge is essential gear. Some of the Micro Floor Drive pumps do not come stock with gauge system, so now you can have portability and ease of use with a gauge, or simply replace a damaged hose on your Micro Floor Drive Digital HPG.

Accuracy is paramount, and the Digital Check Drive Gauge features a digital display rounds PSI to the nearest whole number and Bar is rounded to the nearest tenth. You get the standard Lezyne air release button and a protected On/Off/Mode button. The CR220 replaceable battery is directly accessed, yet secure, and commonly available.

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  • Easy to install pump hose includes an integrated, low-profile, highly advanced digital gauge; ABS Flip-Thread Chuck
  • Replacement or upgrade for all Lezyne Micro Floor Drive pumps
  • ABS Flip-Thread Chuck has Presta/Schrader options and ABS bleed button
  • Inline composite case gauge:
    • Composite matrix construction with integrated, low-profile Digital Strip Gauge
    • Replaceable CR1220 watch style battery
    • On/Off/ Mode button
    • Rounds PSI to the nearest whole number; Bar is rounded to the nearest tenth
    • Max: 350 psi | 24 bar
  • Length: 600mm (23.62")
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 82 grams
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