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This fantastic pump is small in profile, but large when it comes to pumping sheer volume of air into your tube and tire. Lezyne's Alloy Drive is a compact pump fabricated from CNC'd alloy for a precise and lightweight build. The High Volume (HV) design inflates tires to riding pressure with fewer strokes than other pumps in it's category. So much so, you may think you are using a pump that is twice it's size. The two piece design has an overlapping handle and barrel that features an oversized piston and shaft. Simply put, oversize means more air being processed through the body and shaft of the pump and that means less pumps to achieve your desired air pressure. Less pumps = happy days.

The Alloy Drive has Lezyne's ABS Flex Hose, which like there floor pump heads, features a dual head for servicing both Presta and Schrader valves. ABS is code for Air Bleed System and refers to the small pressure release button on the pump head. Hard to believe they fit all of this technology into such a compact unit and haven't lost any durability or reliability in the process. Hands down one of our best mini pumps for higher volume situations (think: mountain tubeless), but works for road and cross just as well.

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  • Solid CNC construction
  • Hidden ABS hose
  • Dual Presta/Schrader head
  • Oversize and overlapping body
  • High volume pump design
  • 90psi max volume
  • 6.69" or 170mm length
  • 170 grams
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