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Superior construction. Intelligent, evolved design. Easy to use and very efficient. While Lezyne makes many great cycling accessories and tools, here at Excel whenever we discuss the brand we start with the pumps. For one, there are a lot of options, and yes, the names all seem similar. The Alloy Drive Floor Pump is a high pressure road model with a 220psi rating and easy to read 3.5" diameter precision analog gauge.

Going deeper, the pump features a durable CNC machined aluminum barrel and base, which helps to manage the internal heat. Lezyne uses a steel piston for long term rigidity and it carries a varnished, ergonomic wood handle with an aluminum junction that creates greater stiffness and durability over time. In keeping with the superior construction theme, and extra long, high-strength hose features aluminum couplers. No cheap rubber hose with a stamped brass fitting here. A tough, anodized, high-polish finish holds up despite being banged around in the garage or trunk.

If there is one area where Lezyne has seriously pushed technical design in their pumps, it has to be the valve/chuck system. With many variations depending on the purpose of the pump, the machined aluminum, brass and composite modular chuck designs are straightforward to use, ensure proper connection, and feature a bleed button. For the high pressure road Alloy Floor Drive Floor Pump, the ABS-1 Pro advances is used. This model advances Lezyne's classic Flip-Thread Chuck system. It features a 90° design for enhanced function and usability with an extremely robust and fluid brass swivel. The chuck quickly “flips” for Presta or Schrader valves and each is designed to thread on to the valve for superior engagement. An integrated Presta valve-core wrench completes the system, providing easy valve core tightening or removal for tubeless systems.

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  • High quality, durable, innovative, with superior construction
  • Durable CNC machined aluminum barrel and base with steel piston
  • Varnished ergonomic wood handle with aluminum junction
  • Tough anodized high-polish finish
  • Extra long, high-strength hose with aluminum couplers
  • ABS-1 Pro w/ 90° design Flip-Thread Chuck for Presta/Schrader valves
  • Machined aluminum with brass swivel and composite body, with bleed button
  • Integrated Presta valve-core wrench
  • Precision analog gauge, bottom mount, easy to read, 3.5" diameter
  • Pressure rated to: 220psi (15bar)
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 7.9 x 25 in
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
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