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Accessories Lighting Systems - Front/Rear Sets

The clean, modern design of Lezyne's LED lighting systems have been embraced by cyclists of all types. The company is innovative, and delivers tremendous quality and very effective, durable lighting options at great prices. So what to make of this Connect Drive Combo? Start with the powerful Connect Drive 1000XL headlight. Add in the 150 Lumen max Strip Drive rear light. Just another combo, right? No, not really. The Connect designation means that a simple, fast action, two button wireless remote ensures you can easily select and change the modes of both front and rear lights safely, while you ride. This set-up is ideal for commuters and road cyclists who ride in the changing light conditions of dawn and dusk, or simply when it dark or overcast enough to justify lights. Even mountain bikers can embrace the use of a wireless remote system for responsive lighting changes, in ride.

The Connect Drive 1000XL headlight features Lezyne's well known, compact, durable and heat-dissipating machined aluminum body. The ultra high-output dual LEDs produce up to 1000 Lumens. it is equipped with eight mode options, including the penetrating Daytime Flash mode for max exposure during the brightest days. One key to the strong, penetrating beam of Lyzyne's lights is the Enhanced MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lens, which also features built-in side visibility at a full 180 degree range. The 153 gram Lite Drive 1000XL has high-speed 2 Amp USB charging capabilities (with compatible wall adapter),and can be charged in 4 hours. A simple, but very effective silicone strap secures the light to virtually any bar size and type.

The rear Strip Drive light is a powerful and versatile LED taillight that as a standalone item is one of our best selling taillights. The light and durable, co-molded lens/body construction disregards moisture and is durable. The unique mount system makes it compatible with aero and round seatpost designs, which explains why so many training triathletes snap this light up. Five ultra high-output LEDs deliver up to 150 Lumens via eleven (!) Lezyne specific run modes including two highly disruptive Daytime Flash options and so much more. Like the Connect Drive 1000XL the enhanced lens has built-in side ports for 180 degree visibility. The 69 gram Strip Drive has a 2 hour recharge time via the integrated USB stick at 2A input, which is safely covered when not in use.

Tying all this together is the innovative remote system. This is truly designed for safety and flexibility of light usage. You can mount the wireless unit close to you preferred hand, on the handlebar, so that you don't need to move much to change modes of either light. You can control lighting as well as manage power use. Clearly most front lights are relatively accessible, but the larger, much more responsive buttons of the remote are welcome, especially when wearing full finger gloves, and of course you can actually change the setting of the rear light, which few people can manage while riding; and certainly not safely. Pairing the two lights to the remote is simple, and the remote itself is powered by a replaceable CR2032 coin-style battery. Max distance for pairing is 1 meter.

While some may question the necessity of the Lezyne Connect Drive 1000XL/Strip Drive Combo, many will embrace it strictly for safety reasons. What is interesting is that users find themselves changing modes more frequently, for optimal lighting requirements and battery use, but also a way to stay focused on the requirement of the riding conditions. If you are a "set it and forget it", sure you won't opt for this combo, but given that we struggle to keep it in stock, we know there are many cyclists and riders out there who appreciate it and use it to full effect.

Connect Drive 800XL Details

  • 1000 Lumen Connect-enabled headlight with dual LED's, exquisite quality
  • CNC aluminum body w/composite matrix plastic- durable, strong, weather proof
  • MOR Reflector design to optimize effective light and distribute beam
  • USB rechargeable, internal Li-Ion battery
  • Charging time: 4 hours via USB cable (included) at 1 amp, 2 hours at 2 amp
  • 8 Lighting Modes:
    • Overdrive- 1:30 hr run time at 1000 Lumens (button push toggles to Economy)
    • Blast- 3 hrs run time at 500 Lumens
    • Enduro- 5:30 hrs at 250 Lumens
    • Economy- 19 hrs at 150 Lumens
    • FEMTO- 87 hrs run time at 15 Lumens
    • Day Flash- 7:30 hrs at 1000 Lumens
    • Flash- 19 hrs at 150 Lumens
    • Pulse- 17 hrs at 150 Lumens
  • Strap-style handlebar mount fits virtually any bar type/size
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 145 grams

Strip Connect Drive Rear Light Details

  • 150 Lumen Connect-enabled vertical taillight with 5 LED's, 11 modes
  • Composite matrix molded construction, lightweight, durable, weatherproof
  • Colored LED's (Red, Green, Blue) in Mode button show battery life
  • MOR Reflector design to optimize effective light and distribute beam
  • Direct plug USB rechargeable, internal Li-Ion battery
  • Charging time: 2 hours at 1.0 Amp via USB direct
  • 11 Lighting Modes:
    • Blast- 2:15 hrs run time at 45 Lumens
    • Enduro- 7 hrs at 15 Lumens
    • Economy- 30 hrs at 3 Lumens
    • Flash1- 8 hrs at 25 Lumens
    • Flash2- 8 hrs at 15 Lumens
    • Flash3- 8:30 hrs at 15 Lumens
    • Flash4- 10 hrs at 20 Lumens
    • Flash5- 29 hrs at 5 Lumens
    • Flash6- 57 hrs at 3 Lumens
    • Daylight Flash1: 6:30 hours at 150 Lumens
    • Daylight Flash2: 7 hours at 100 Lumens
  • Strap design works with aero or round seatposts
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 53 grams
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