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Pumps & CO2 Mini Pumps & Frame Pumps

Truly effective mini-pumps for high pressure, low volume road use are rare. Some work just fine, and spare you a week of bi's and tri's at the gym from a single inflation process. Others just "get you home", which is nice, but rolling along with 80psi in your 700x23 tire is could take a while, and it is likely you'll get a second flat in the process. We really like Lezyne's floor pumps, and the Digital Road Drive Pump may just be the best mini-pump we have used on the road. Capable of reaching 160psi, though that would still be an impressive workout, and with a digital gauge that is accurate, this CNC machined aluminum design gets the job done properly so you can enjoy the full length of your ride, and have confidence at all times that a puncture won't leave you dialing the cell phone.

Designed for road bike use, with Presta-only Thread or SlipFit valve ends, the 117 gram Digital Road Drive Pump has the internally secured hose attachment that takes the abuse away from your valve stem. Given that you can get to 125 psi with reasonable effort, the accuracy of the digital gauge matters, and the integrated ABS air bleed system allows you release a few undesirable psi if need be. The super low-profile Digital Strip Gauge is completely integrated into the barrel, with direct access for replacing the 3V CR1220 coin-style battery. The 1.6" digital display is easy to read, can be set for bar or psi measurement, has a reset feature (read the instructions), and also a battery level indicator.

Mechanically the pump slides smoothly and efficiently, driving air with every stroke. The design is easy to use, the construction is meticulous, and the performance is exceptional. These are the reasons why you choose Lezyne, and rightfully so.

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  • The most advanced high pressure / low volume road specific hand pump
  • Light and compact CNC-machined aluminum construction, fittings
  • Integrated super low-profile, super accurate Digital Strip Gauge
  • Easily replaceable 3V CR1220 battery for gauge
  • 1.6" digital gauge easy to read, can be reset, read in bar or psi, has battery meter
  • Threaded or slip-fit presta compatible ABS Flex Hose
  • Hose stores within pump
  • Max pressure: 160psi / 11 bar
  • Length: 180mm (7.09")
  • Includes H20 boss bracket, screws, velcro strap
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 117 grams
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