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Lezyne Digital Shock Drive Pump

Suspension components with air chambers are highly sensitive instruments. The air chambers are generally quite small, especially for the pressures required, and 2-3 psi off your preferred setting can totally change the way your suspension responds to terrain and rider input. A truly accurate high pressure, extra low volume air pump allows you to set your suspension up properly and duplicate that performance level every ride. Lezyne has examined many of the shock pumps available and found them wanting. Hence the CNC masters developed the Digital Shock Drive Pump, an exceptionally well made, exceedingly accurate, and wholly reliable, 108 gram air shock pump.

Outfitted with a fully integrated, super low-profile Digital Strip Gauge, built directly into the machined aluminum pump body, and several key technologies and features, the Digital Shock Drive Pump is equally at on the shop or home bench, as well as in your hydration pack for on-the-trail adjustments. The sleek grip handle allows the user to drive the pressure properly, and also becomes a receiver for the pivoting Flex Hose. The external threads on the valve adapter keep the head and hose secure when not in use, as well as keeping dirt and grime from fouling the actual valve interface. This thread-on Schrader valve fitting mates perfectly with the Schrader valve used by air suspension components.

This head is a zero-loss design; it un-threads from the shock after the valve pin seals itself. Combined with the impressive digital gauge, it is this zero-loss feature that ensures high accuracy. This is a suspension-only pump that is capable of 350psi of air pressure at very low volume. The fitments, seals, hose and gauge all must be made to exacting standards. You can even release pressure by pressing the pivot button just above the housing of the digital gauge, which will read the reductions in real time.

The super low-profile Digital Strip Gauge is completely integrated into the barrel, with direct access for replacing the 3V CR1220 coin-style battery. The 1.6" digital display is easy to read, can be set for bar or psi measurement, has a reset feature (read the instructions), and also a battery level indicator. Mechanically the pump slides smoothly and efficiently, driving air with every stroke. The design is easy to use, the construction is meticulous, and the performance is exceptional. Now you have the power to truly dictate and reproduce your favorite suspension settings. Lezyne provides the tool. You provide the bike.


  • Digital shock pump sets standard in HP/XLV technology, accuracy, portability
  • Ultra low-profile custom digital gauge built into the pump’s aluminum body
  • Compact and packable for home, shop and trail use
  • Body and fitments from CNC Aluminum for precision, strength
  • Zero-loss Schrader chuck, un-threads from the shock after the valve pin seals itself
  • Braided FlexHose design features externally threaded Schrader chuck that threads into the grip handle for storage, keeps chuck clean and free from damage
  • P-handle design offers grip and feel for consistent driving of high pressure
  • Air release button on pivot above gauge, pressure reads on gauge in real time
  • Super low-profile Digital Strip Gauge with easily replaceable CR1220 battery
  • 1.6" digital display is easy to read, can be set for bar or psi measurement, has a reset feature (read the instructions), and also a battery level indicator
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Weight: 108 grams

This high pressure, extra low volume air pump is only designed for suspension component use; NOT as a standard bicycle pump.