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The 7 Lumen Femto Drive Rear Light is a great choice for an emergency or dawn/dusk safety light. It has two distinct features which make it a top choice in it's category. First, it has an astonishingly simple mounting system that will attach the light to just about any surface or rounded profile. The semi-tacky silicone strap clips on a hook that is located on the back of the light and pulls around the object you are mounting it to, then secures to a hook on the other side of the light. The second standout feature is how you operate the light and select run modes. The lens acts as both a lens and the mode button. Simple and brilliant design that foregoes the pesky button or switch design that is normally found on the exterior of the light body.

The Femto Drive body is constructed of CNC's alloy for durability and longevity. This body unscrews to replace the two standard CR2032 batteries that power the unit. You get three lighting modes: Flash, Pulse and Solid, all with 180° visibility. The LED bulb puts out 7 Lumens and total weight is a scant 31 grams. The Femto Drive has to be one of the best looking, simple and effective inexpensive rear lights on the market.

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  • 7 Lumen max output in a compact LED 180° rear light with simple mounting system
  • Easy mounting system uses stretchy silicone strap, keeps light stable and secure
  • Lens acts as on/off and mode button
  • 3 Lighting Modes- Flash 123, Pulse, Solid
    • Flash123- 60 hrs run time at 7 Lumens
    • Pulse- 60 hrs at 7 Lumens
    • Solid- 30 hrs at 7 Lumens
  • Mode memory feature will keep light in last used mode when turned on again
  • Cut-outs on side of lens provide 180 degree visibility in all lighting modes
  • Simple strap system mounts light to any seatpost or stay, or can be used as a clip-on
  • Powered by 2 replaceable standard CR2032 batteries
  • CNC alloy body with composite matrix backing, weather resistant design
  • Color: Black, Blue, Purple
  • Weight: 31 grams
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