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At just 114 grams with the mounting strap featuring Lezyne's impeccable CNC machined housing and a max capability of 700 consistent Lumens, the Lezyne Lite Drive 700XL should have a home on the handlebars of every road bike that carries it's rider through the hard training hours of dawn and dusk. The available Overdrive Race mode allows the rider to toggle between 700 Lumens and 150 as conditions warrant. With several other operational modes, including Daylight Flash and an excellent set of constant other options, you can find the proper lighting mode for every situation.

The range of power levels is ideal, as are the Flash and Pulse modes. The 2 LED beam itself is powerful, with Lezyne's MOR optical reflectors sending light up the road, but also giving excellent spread as well. Side cuts in the housing, at the lens, deliver 180 degree visibility in all lighting modes for maximum safety. The compact, durable and heat-dissipating machined aluminum body is water and weather resistant; it can handle mild impact as well.

The beauty of the compact Li-Ion battery lies not only in it's size and weight, but also power and run time. A full charge at 1Amp take 6 hours, but the unit has an intelligent charging system and an optional (sold separately) 2Amp wall adapter cuts that in half. The USB cord is supplied, along with an easily removable rubber strap mount that will accommodate all bar sizes. Lezyne does offer a helmet mount for the Lite Drive 700XL well. Typical of Lezyne, the overall quality and design are excellent. This innovative company continues to impress and in our experience many Lezyne purchasers own several of the company's excellent cycling accessories. Any cyclist can enjoy the power and capability of this lightweight powerhouse.

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  • 700 Lumen lightweight headlight with dual LED's, 8 lighting modes, exquisite quality
  • CNC aluminum body with composite matrix plastic- durable, strong and weather proof
  • USB rechargeable, internal Li-Ion battery
  • Charging time: 6 hours via USB cable (included) at 1 amp
  • 8 Lighting Modes- Constant, Day Flash, Flash, Pulse, Race Overdrive (toggles between 700 & 150 Lumens)
    • Overdrive- 1:30 hr run time at 700 Lumens (button push toggles to Economy)
    • Blast- 3 hrs run time at 400 Lumens
    • Enduro- 5:15 hrs at 250 Lumens
    • Economy- 5:15 hrs at 150 Lumens
    • FEMTO- 76 hrs run time at 15 Lumens
    • Day Flash- 8:45 hrs at 700 Lumens
    • Flash- 16 hrs at 150 Lumens
    • Pulse- 13:30 hrs at 150 Lumens
  • Cut-outs on side of lens provide 180 degree visibility in all lighting modes
  • Strap-style handlebar mount fits up to 31.8mm
  • Helmet mount compatible (sold separately)
  • Colors: Black, Purple
  • Weight: 114 grams (head unit only, 128g with mount)
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