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Accessories Lighting Systems - Accessories

Lezyne makes excellent accessories for their LED lights, and the composite Helmet Mount is not exception. Available in two types as listed belowThe simple rubber and velcro strap stretches to fit over the ribs of most helmet structures, and is easily secured with the velcro. The composite matrix structural components of the mount itself. The lightweight injection molded material creates a strong, stiff baseplate and the spherical friction pivot and cradle that allows you to position the light for optimal use. On the second model, the mount is essentially a barrel that the specific lights strap onto.

Your light will lock directly into the mount interface, and can only be released when you depress the lock lever or remove your strap. Despite the size and Lumen power of the headlight, the compact height of the light design sits firmly and stably in place when the pivot is tightened down. You don't need to worry about the light migrating or coming loose until you choose to adjust or remove the light head.

If you don't see your light listed, you can consult Lezyne's website for compatibility, but as of Fall 2017, the listed light models are the only units that will work with these composite mounts.

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  • Helmet mount for specific Lezyne LED headlights
  • Mount made from injection molded composite matrix
  • Material is strong, light, and not temperature sensitive
  • Heavy rubber strap stretches over helmet ribs, fully secured by velcro
  • Spherical friction pivot and cradle that allows you to position the light, then secure it on the Deca etc. option
  • Two options available:
    • Deca and Super XXL Drives, Power and Macro XL Drives
    • KTV Pro, Power XL, Macro XL, Hecto XL and Micro XL Drives
  • Due to the variety of helmet design, the mount may or may not be compatible
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