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You have seen bicycle tube patch kits. The classic kits are just that. Simple, effective, sort of boring and utility oriented. Lezyne offers one, but for those who prefer something with a little more design ethos and execution, the Metal Kit was created. Oh yes, now we are talking. A slim aluminum case with rubber end plugs that ensure your patching essentials stay dry, the Metal Kit includes includes six glueless patches, tire boot and stainless steel scuffer. We aren't quite sure why these things need to stay dry, but they will, and when you group pulls off the road to fix a flat, everyone will be drawn to the sleek appearance of your 30 gram Metal Kit, and be astounded by how dry everything is!

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  • Patch kit with an aesthetic to be reckoned with due to the aluminum case
  • Rubber plugs at both ends prevent moisture from infiltrating your kit
  • Includes: six glueless patches, tire boot and stainless steel scuffer
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 30 grams
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