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The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive Pump HP is exactly what it claims to be, a micro floor pump. As Lezyne puts it, theMicro Floor Drive HP is a compact high pressure pump design that brings floor pump function and power along for the ride. So be it a pump for mountain riders who want an honest to goodness floor pump that has the weight and profile of a mini pump or road riders that want on pump that will reach the high air volumes they desire the Micro Floor HP delivers. At 300mm/11.8" in length, it fits in any pack and also comes with a handy water bottle/frame mount. Frankly we have found it to be a perfect fit for the trunk of your car, so you no longer have to haul around a clumsy full size floor pump.

The body, shaft and handle of the pump are constructed from CNC'd and highly polished aluminum. Attached is a 65mm rubber hose for ample length and reach to any valve. The pump is fitted with the familiar Lezyne Flip Thread Chuck. It works on both Presta and Schrader and has a handy bleed valve for tempering air pressure. The bottom side of the Micro HP has a foldable foot peg, so you can sturdy the pump during inflation.

Use it for endurance rides and stow it in your pack, bring it along in your car on a road trip or permanently store it in your vehicle. This pump gets used.

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  • Complete CNC'd alloy design
  • Polished alloy exterior
  • 160 max psi
  • 30mm/11.8" length
  • 65mm hose
  • Flip Thread Chuck works on both Presta and Schrader
  • Folding foot peg
  • Air bleed valve
  • Perfect for travel or trunk of your car
  • 194 grams
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