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It’s just a tire lever, right? Well, sure but tire levers can be the most important bike tools you own. There is nothing worse than sitting on the side of the road in the baking sun, or cold drizzle, trying to remove a tight tire with hands and forearms fatigued from a long day in the saddle. Any cyclist who has had a tough tire/rim combination, or has ridden tubeless, has lived this scenario. In these situations you want a lever that is easy to use, offers enough leverage to get the job done, and won’t snap in your face under pressure. Lezyne knows this pain, and delivers the Power Lever XL to make sure you never feel it again.

The 148mm long (5.8") XL is made from a fiber reinforced Composite Matrix that is both stiff and pliable enough to get the job done, but won’t snap, even in freezing conditions. The smooth bead hook has an aggressive angle and shape that offers immediate leverage under the bead, and the long body has a varied shape that makes it easy to hold without slipping. Spoke hooks are perfectly placed for easy access and no-nonsense hold. The pair mates together for slim packing and there are no sharp protrusions that will puncture a tube. Yes, it is just a tire lever, but the details matter, and this where Lezyne’s Engineered Design ethos shines through. If you ride tubeless for road or mountain, you simply need to carry the Power Lever XL. If you just want faster flat changes with less effort, get this set of levers.

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  • 148mm Long pair of tire levers
  • Fiber reinforced Composite Matrix for stiffness and strength
  • Aggressive bead hook geometry
  • Integrated spoke hook
  • Large, shaped handle for comfort
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