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If you appreciate precision manufacturing, intelligent industrial design, and terrific functional use and durability, you likely choose Lezyne. If you need or want a compact, lightweight, 400 Lumen front light, Lezyne has applied it’s Engineered Design concept to the perfect light for you. When Lezyne decided to develop an LED cycling light line, many of the brand’s enthusiasts started to salivate. The Macro Drive 400 Lumen light delivers the usual Lezyne features: high quality CNC’d construction, smartly integrated features and materials, and terrific performance, but what makes the new light line stand out is the development of new technology to ensure the performance matches the design.

Lezyne has developed Constant Lumens, a power management system that ensures that your peak Lumen output is consistent throughout use. When examining other light systems, the engineers found that output was inconsistent, limiting overall effectiveness. Special attention was also focused on the reflector system that distributes and projects the light outside the lens. Maximum Optical Reflection is a one-piece optical reflector that ensures a smooth, consistent and focused light beam that maximizes the available light facing forward. 180 degree visibility is provided through side cuts in the casing without detracting from the forward beam. Power management is crucial in high output lights, so an Intelligent Power button allows the rider to check levels at any time and the 6 mode lighting system offers plenty of options. Overdrive Race Mode enables the cyclist to simplify, with dual mode choice of Overdrive (400 Lumens) or Economy (100 Lumens) settings. Yes, there is a lot of technology here, but it is all functional and easy to operate.

Keeping with the theme, Lezyne offers two charging options for the integrated Li-Ion battery. A wall plug in 2A charger brings the battery to full charge in 3 hours, and a micro USB 1A via cable runs to a 6 hour charge from the rear of the light, normally covered a Composite Matrix cover. Mounting is simple, yet effective, via an integrated snap-fit Composite Matrix mount and rubber strap that accommodates a wide range of diameters. All this technology comes in at a mere 93 grams, propelling the Macro Drive 400 amongst the lightest lights in its class.

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  • CNC’d precision, weather resistant aluminum construction
  • 400 Lumen LED front facing light, with 180 degree visibility
  • 6 operating modes, plus Overdrive Race option
  • Integrated battery with two charging options- 3 hr 2A wall plug, or 1A Micro USB cable
  • Intelligent Power Indicator button
  • Rotating Composite Matrix multi-position rubber strap mounting system
  • 93 gram total weight
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