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Lezyne's LED Lights are stunning for their simple clean designs, prodigious Lumen output per dollar spent, and overall quality construction and components. The company's consistent focus on design, quality manufacturing, and simplicity ensures you are getting a product that is both top notch and aesthetically Lezyne. With it's three ultra-high output LED's, black CNC aluminum housing, durable rubber strap system, single button operation, and USB-rechargeable Li-Ion enclosed battery, this Super Drive 1600XXL Front Light is also more than ready for the wet and wintry training or commuting season.

Despite the overtly simple design, this head light is packed with features. An optional use Overdrive Race mode will allow to toggle between just Overdrive (1600 Lumens) and Economy (250 Lumens) is great for many applications, but the other five modes offer plenty of specific outputs. The range of power levels is ideal, as are the Flash and Pulse modes. Colored LED power indicators keep you abreast of battery life, and side cuts in the housing, at the lens, deliver 180 degree visibility in all lighting modes. The 3 LED beam itself is powerful, and the Tri-Focus Optics system optimizes light output drives a beam suited for fast speeds. The electronics and controls are durable to impact and road vibration.

If you enjoy a clean, purposeful design, quality construction and excellent performance, Lezyne makes lights just for you. With USB charging capability via a wall adapter, standard USB computer port, or car charger, the Super Drive 1600 will fully charge in 9 hours. With a 2.0mA connection, that is reduced to 4.5 hours. The USB (A>Micro) cord is supplied, along with a removable stable rubber strap/cradle mount that will accommodate all handlebar sizes. This is a great light for riders that require serious Lumen output ranges, with an emphasis on long run times at mid power. The three LED's deliver serious performance and the high capacity internal battery and power optimization guarantee reliable run times and output. Road riders who must train in the dark hours, winter commuters, and trail riders of all kinds will appreciate the Super Drive 1600 Front Light. We do.

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  • 1600 Lumen lightweight headlight with three LED's, 7 lighting modes, exquisite quality
  • LED bulbs are top market quality, ultra-high output
  • Auto Day/Night Sensor automatically adjusts lumen output while in select modes
  • Firmware and option upgrades via the Lezyne LED Ally App (see instructions)
  • Optimized Constant Lumens system maintains steady output over battery cycle
  • Housing design helps to manage heat, prevent overheating during high output
  • CNC aluminum finned body with composite matrix- durable, strong, weather resistant
  • Colored LED's (Red, Green, Blue) in the Power/Mode button reveal battery life
  • Tri-Focus Optics system optimizes light output drives a beam suited for fast speeds
  • Advanced Li-Ion battery for superior run time, micro-USB rechargeable
  • Charging times: 4.5 hours at 2mA, 9 hours at 1mA via USB cable (included)
  • Compatible with Lezyne Smart Connect, Remote Switch
  • 7 Lighting Modes- 4 constant, FEMTO, Flash, Race Overdrive (toggles between 1600-250 Lumens)
    • Overdrive- 1:45 hrs run time at 1600 Lumens (button push toggles to Economy)
    • Blast- 2:30 hrs at 1000 Lumens
    • Enduro- 3:45 hrs at 600 Lumens
    • Economy- 10:00 hrs at 250 Lumens
    • FEMTO- 148 hrs at 15 Lumens
    • Flash: 15 hrs at 33 Lumens
    • Pulse- 38 hrs at 150 Lumens
  • Mode memory feature will keep light in last used mode when turned on again
  • Cut-outs on side of lens provide 180 degree visibility in all lighting modes
  • Strap-style handlebar mount fits up to 31.8mm
  • Helmet mount compatible (sold separately)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 227 grams (head unit & strap)
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