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Accessories Lighting Systems - Front

Compact brightness personified from Lezyne means the Zecto Drive Front Light. It has a small profile that produces 250 Lumens via three LED bulbs through an optical lens that produces a uniform power beam in the Daylight Flash mode. This MOR (Maximum Reflective Lens) gives a clean beam pattern of light that is wider and brighter than the three individual lights. The Zecto Drive is powerful enough for most commutes or as an emergency option if you get caught out longer into the darkness, allowing you to be seen from a fair distance, and see enough to safely negotiate the way home.

Your seven lighting options are geared towards the commuter focus, so the Daylight Flash mode pushes out the 250 Lumens, while a constant 80 Lumens on Blast has a 3:30 hour run time. With 8 total modes, you are sure to find the proper balance between run time power, brightness, and time of day.

The body of the Zecto is constructed from a Composite Matrix for durability and lightweight. The faceplate and lens ring is CNC'd and anodized aluminum. Side visibility lighting is also your Intelligent Power and Charging indicator. On the bottom of the body there is a small UBS port for the rechargeable battery. Recharge time from an empty battery is at 1amp is approximately 2.5 hours. The patented dual clip system offers the user a strap or clothing clip and a silicon strap, so you can choose the best option for attachment with bike or bag. Total weight for a Zecto light is 47 grams.

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  • 250 Lumen max super compact headlight with 3 LED's, 7 lighting modes, USB charging, exquisite build quality
  • CNC aluminum face plate and ring with composite fiber-plastic body- durable, strong and weather proof
  • USB rechargeable, internal Li-Po battery
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours via USB cable (included) at 1 amp
  • 7 Lighting Modes- 3 Constant, 3 Flash, Daylight Flash
    • Daylight Flash: 4:30 hrs run time at 250 Lumens
    • Blast- 3:30 hrs at 80 Lumens
    • Enduro- 6 hrs at 40 Lumens
    • Economy- 11:30 hrs at 15 Lumens
    • Flash1- 15:30 hrs at 50 Lumens
    • Flash2- 13:30 hrs at 25 Lumens
    • Flash3- 6:15 hrs at 50 Lumens
  • Mode memory: light will remain in mode it was last used in
  • Cut-outs on side of lens provide 180 degree visibility in all lighting modes
  • Dual mount design: strap or clip-on
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 47 grams
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