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Accessories Lighting Systems - Front/Rear Sets

If you were considering buying a new head and tail light this season, why not consider this sweet combo package from Light and Motion? You get the 1000 Lumen Vis 1000 headlight and the 150 Lumen Vis 180 Pro Tail Light, save a little money and two terrific lights. With excellent electronics, high quality build, top-level support and incredible reliability, it is tough to top Light and Motion.

Vis series front LED lights from Light and Motion are ideal for many types of bike commuters, but are capable of much more, especially the higher Lumen output versions, like this Vis 1000. At just 155 grams in a compact size with an integrated rechargeable battery, the Vis 1000 is at home on paths and trails, as well as dark roads of all kinds.

With a 1000 Lumen max output, excellent lighting mode options, and a High/Medium toggle feature, Vis 1000 handles your lighting needs, and the USB charging process is ideal for the work day, or overnight. A full charge takes 4.5 hours at .5A standard USB charger. The ultra bright CREE LED powered compact bar or helmet mounted light utilizes an integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery to provide 1.5 hours of clean, bright 1000 Lumen LED light in a 20 degree spot beam pattern, as well as amber light out to 180 degrees from side ports.

Vis 1000 Details

  • 1000 Lumen CREE LED Headlight with several lighting/ use modes designed for Urban use, yet great on the trail as well
  • Integrated USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery w/Micro USB recharging
  • Charging time: 4.5 hours at .5A
  • Micro-peened custom optimized reflector creates a smooth, even beam pattern
  • Beam Angle: 20° (Spot)
  • High/Medium One Touch Toggle mode for convenience
  • Exclusive SafePulse beam pattern increases other road users depth perception and significantly improves rider safety
  • Lighting modes with run times:
    • High: 1000 Lumens at 1.5 hours
    • Medium: 500 Lumens at 3 hours
    • Low: 250 Lumens at 6 hours
    • SafePulse: 500 Lumens at 12 hours (Daylight flash mode)
  • Accurate 4 level battery charge status indicator
  • Flexible mount options available for bar or helmet mounting
  • Dimensions: 1.2" x 1.2" x 4"
  • IP67 rating: tested to be fully waterproof in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes
  • FL-1 ANSI-NEMA rated impact protection
  • Includes: QR handlebar mount, Micro USB cable
  • Color: Trooper (Black)
  • Weight: 155 grams

The Vis 180 Pro offers a 150 Lumen max projection in Steady, as well as a 150 Lumen SafePulse mode that is awesome for daylight use, offering visibility without being too distracting to drivers. You get four run modes, including a Paceline mode, which is designed for group rides, in which the rear facing light shuts off, and the amber side lights provide just enough visibility at 5 Lumens to inform traffic and the cyclists riding with you, but not blind or distract them.

The USB rechargeable integrated battery charges in 5 hours via a USB Micro cable at .5A. The Vis 180 Pro has a specially designed reflector system to carry the multiple CREE LED's max effect over the 180 degree range. The lower amber light flashes in all settings, and is projected rear and the sides.

Vis 180 Pro Details

  • 150 Lumen CREE LED Max Tail Light for all light and weather conditions
  • Multiple run modes with SafePulse options, as well as a Paceline low energy mode
  • Beam pattern designed to provide visibility and safety for a full flood at 180 degrees
  • Paceline Mode turns off rear light but maintains sidelights for group riding
  • Amber Sidelights increase visibility at intersections
  • Lighting modes with run times:
    • High Steady: 150 Lumens at 4 hours
    • High SafePulse: 150 Lumens at 6 hours
    • Low SafePulse: 125 Lumens at 12 hours
    • Paceline: 5 Amber Side Lens Lumens at 32 hours
  • Seatpost or Helmet mounting options, also clips securely on packs, straps, etc.
  • USB rechargeable (5 hours), Micro USB cord included
  • FL-1 ANSI-NEMA rated impact protection, FL-1 Lumen certified
  • FL-1 IPX 65 Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 3" x 1" x .9"
  • Colors: Black
  • Weight: 102 grams
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