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The Vis 180 Pro Tail Light sets new standards for day and night use. It is an ideal light for serious commuters with an exceptional build quality, and for group or team riders who push their pacelines early in the morning or deep into the evening. Light and Motion has been a force behind increasing options, pushing higher quality standards, ease of use, and powerful, affordable lighting systems. Your first goal when commuting or riding at night is to "be seen" and from behind the key is have a light bright enough from long range, but preferably with options that break up the patterns that other road users see. Some lights use a flash or pulse system, and some offer a constant/ steady projection.

The Vis 180 Pro offers a 150 Lumen Solid light projection, as well as a 150 Lumen Pulse mode that is awesome for daylight use, offering visibility without being too distracting to drivers. You get four run modes, including a Paceline mode, which is designed for group rides, in which the rear facing light shuts off, and the amber side lights provide just enough visibility at 5 Lumens to inform traffic and the cyclists riding with you, but not blind or distract them.

The USB rechargeable integrated battery charges in 5 hours via a USB Micro cable at .5A. The Vis 180 Pro has a specially designed reflector system to carry the multiple CREE LED's max effect over the 180 degree range. The lower amber light flashes in all settings, and is projected rear and the sides. The upper red LED focuses its pulse or steady beam directly behind, for max visibility at distance. The end result is a seriously useful tail light, especially for cyclists who push the daylight envelopes and those who want to be seen during the day or on a group ride.

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  • 150 Lumen CREE LED Max Tail Light for all light and weather conditions
  • Multiple run modes with Daylight Visible Pulse Mode ideal for traffic visibility
  • Beam pattern designed to provide visibility and safety for a full 180 degrees
  • Paceline Mode turns off rear light but maintains sidelights for group riding
  • Amber Sidelights increase visibility at intersections
  • Lighting modes with run times:
    • High: 25 Pulse Lumens at 6 hours
    • Medium: 150 Solid Lumens at 4 hours
    • Low: 75 Pulse Lumens at 12 hours
    • Paceline: 5 Amber Side Lens Lumens at 32 hours
  • Seatpost or Helmet mounting options, also clips securely on packs, straps, etc.
  • USB rechargeable, Micro USB cord included
  • FL-1 ANSI-NEMA rated impact protection, FL-1 Lumen certified
  • FL-1 IPX 67 Waterproof to 1m submerged for 30 minutes
  • Dimensions: 3" x 1" x .9"
  • Colors: Black Raven
  • Weight: 102 grams
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