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Accessories Lighting Systems - Front

Light and Motion Vya HL

Developed to be a revolutionary lighting solution for day and night safety blending smart technology with powerful design and auto-on convenience, the Vya-series from the Light and Motion require us to give over control, and when it comes to riding and lighting, that is probably the best thing. Perfect for urban commuters, with smart sensors, waterproof bio-renewable construction, and innovative safety features the Vya Head Light leaps at least two generations from most current bike lighting. The standard Vya series lights are more about being seen than seeing. it's auto-run mode is the 150 Lumen max SafePulse system that optimizes max power during daylight hours.

Besides the innovative construction, the Vya utilizes smart sensor technology that senses motion- and automatically turns Vya on when inserted into handlebar mount and features Auto-off when the bike is parked or the head light itself is removed from mount. The light system features an integrated USB tab that plugs into any USB charger for a 2 hour recharge. That end inserts into the mount, and with a simple but secure 1/4 turn twist your light is mounted. That way you can leave the mount on your bike, and just twist out the light when if you stop at the store, set the bike in a bus bike rack, or simply when you need to charge.

A note on the Vya headlight mount. It is designed to center the light on the bar because in the Vya (as opposed to the Vya Pro), the light sits on the flat face towards the end, not off the face of the end. As such the light will sit horizontal, with the mount clamped to the right or left of the stem. With a 10 hour run time and a 2 hour charging time you can easily limit keep your Vya Head Light ready to go from home or work. With an FL-1 certified IP67 waterproof rating an excellent light penetration you won't hesitate to make your commute in the rain. Well you might, but your Vya won't.


  • 150 Lumen output Head Light w/variable SafePulse beam pattern optimized for daylight visibility
  • SafePulse proven to maximize visibility by aiding in a driver's depth perception in order to safely locate and avoid cyclists
    • Single auto mode Pulse: Max 150 Lumens at 10 hours
  • Smart sensor technology senses motion and automatically turns Vya on when inserted into mount
  • Innovative amber side lighting increases critical visibility at intersections
  • Auto-off when bike is parked or light is removed from mount
  • Made with bio-renewable material waterproof to 1 meter (when inserted in mount) for all-conditions reliability (IP67 Rated)
  • Waterproof, impact, output ratings all meet FL-1 Certification standards
  • USB Mount Receptor allows light to be securely mounted or removed from bike in seconds with a simple, secure 1/4 turn lock
  • Direct USB Charging without cables (fully charges in 2 hours)
  • Included: Handlebar mount (will fit any size bar)
  • Dimensions: 3" x 1.3" x 0.8" (when mounted)
  • Weight: 30 grams