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The Light and Motion Vya Pro TL builds on Vya's revolutionary solution for day and night safety, blending smart technology with powerful design, easy use, USB direct charging and auto-on convenience. Perfect for urban commuters - smart sensors, waterproof bio-renewable construction, and innovative safety features create the next evolution of bike lighting. The 100 Lumen max output Vya Pro TL (Tail Light) run in the safest riding mode possible for a rear light- the SafePulse. Bright enough to be seen over a 1.25 miles away, and in a Pulse that will alert but won't distract drivers. There is no manual mode. All you do is 1/4 turn your Vya Pro into the mount and go. The smart light does the rest! When you stop at the store, twist and remove to keep it safe. At 30 grams we are sure you'll find it manageable.

When Light and Motion released the Vya series lights last year it was clear that the company leaped like two generations of normal product development to create something so new, different, and intelligent. Vya IS different. It doesn't resemble other lights, and with it's incredibly innovative construction and design it almost was too big a jump. Until units were sold and cyclists were using them. It helped to read and watch all of Light and Motion's publicity about the process and product. With the second year new Pro-level options show growth and reach. And we are pleased to see it.

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  • 100 Lumen Output (200 in Solid Mode) Tail Light with variable SafePulse beam pattern optimized for maximum visibility day and night
  • SafePulse proven to maximize visibility by aiding in a driver's depth perception of cyclist to safely locate and avoid
  • Daylight visible at 2 KM (1.24 miles)
  • Innovative amber side lighting increases critical visibility at intersections
  • Smart sensor technology senses motion and automatically turns Vya on when inserted into mount
  • Auto Sense detects ambient light and automatically adjusts to the safest riding mode, SafePulse in the daytime and steady at night
    • Single auto mode Pulse: 100 Lumens at 6 hours
  • Auto-off when bike is parked or light is removed from mount
  • Made with bio-renewable material- waterproof to 1 meter (when inserted in mount) for all-conditions reliability (IP67 Rated)
  • Waterproof, impact, output ratings all meet FL-1 Certification standards
  • USB Mount Receptor allows light to be securely mounted or removed from bike in seconds with a simple, secure 1/4 turn lock
  • Direct USB Charging without cable (Fully charges in 2 hours)
  • Included: Seatpost Mount (will fit any size bar)
  • Dimensions: 3" x 1.3" x 0.8" (when mounted)
  • Weight: 30 grams
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