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The Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti Pedals raise the premium pedal standard for weight and performance. The system is based comprehensive technical, aerodynamic, and rider generated knowledge that Look's engineers can apply to this latest update to the Blade design. Lightweight, aerodynamic, powerful, the new Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic ti has all the assets to allow you to improve and optimize your performance with full confidence in the shoe, cleat pedal interface. It's new design completely integrates the blade for unrivaled aerodynamics. Equipped with a 67mm wide carbon body, tensioned by your choice of 12 or 16Nm carbon blade, riding on a stout but ultralight titanium axle with the minimal resistance and lightweight of ceramic bearings, this is a premium grade pedal for hard charging cyclists of any weight.

Featuring the widest and most supportive platform of the Keo series with a super-generous 700mm² surface area for the ultimate in shoe/pedal contact, the Blade Carbon's body has been enhanced by a stainless steel plate affixed to the body over the pedal axle for the full 67mm width. The plate adds stiffness to the already stiff carbon body, but more importantly prevents wear between the cleat and the pedal body, ensuring long term durability, but also creating a smoother action between the two interfaces.

The spindle of the new Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti has been completely redesigned. It is built around an oversized 53mm long axle and spindle that pass through internal roller and needle bearings located directly under the pedal platform. This new construction allows a gain of approximately 2 to watts at 100 rpm. The distance between the roller and needle bearings has been increased by 25%. This provides more rigidity along the entire length of the spindle, and as a consequence, improved power transmission. Special attention has also been given to ensure that it is water resistant. Weather resistance has been improved by 120% for even more reliability and longevity. To accomplish this, the new spindle received an updated end plug with an o-ring washer and has also been equipped with an internal, double-lipped seal.

The "blade" is a carbon spring that is the cleat retention mechanism, which saves a huge amount of weight over a steel or even titanium spring design with supporting hardware. The key to the new Blade system is that it integrates into the body and shroud of the pedal for a very clean aerodynamic shape into the oncoming air. Incidentally it also delivers a refined appearance as well.

With the ceramic bearing system every component, every ball is meticulously selected to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. The balls are precisely calibrated one by one by a machine, down to the micrometer. They are then ordered according to size in perfectly-adapted rings, with the result that every bearing has a totally unique structure. A long lifespan is the main advantage of ceramic bearings. Rounder and harder than traditional balls, they are less sensitive to dust or deposits and guarantee consistent, durable performance. Furthermore, ceramic is not subject to corrosion. These physical properties ensure the bearings have a lifespan 4 to 6 times longer than standard steel bearings. Reduced friction is the best-known and most characteristic advantage of ceramic bearings. The perfectly circular shape and the hardness of the balls combined with ceramic-specific, optimized greases allows for an 18% reduction of the frictional forces applied to the bearing.

Like nearly all Look Keo pedals, the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti includes the Grey 4.5° float Keo cleatset with hardware for the 3-bolt Delta system. The pedals install with a 8mm Allen wrench through the axle end. Overall we expect the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti to be the premium race option due their exceptional lightweight and overall performance technologies. The newly designed carbon body and blade system deliver the qualities racing cyclists require, while the new Ti axle and bearing system add more efficiency to complement the aerodynamic properties of the pedal design. We particularly appreciate the platform width and power transfer, and the stainless steel plate goes a long way to ensure durability over time. Just as in the pro peloton, for rest of us the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti is the ultimate pedal for attacking riders who want every material and tech advantage a pedal can deliver.

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  • Ultimate road-cleat pedal system with carbon body, titanium axle, ceramic bearings with no weight limit; aerodynamics, durability
  • Newly updated design with integrated aero performance/blade spring system
  • Pressure molded carbon body with stainless steel top plate
  • Upgraded Titanium axle/spindle and bearing design
  • Dual ceramic bearing systems: 1 inboard roller bearing, 1 centered needle bearing
  • Wide 67mm body at axle (SS plate is full width), massive 700mm² platform area
  • 16Nm Carbon Blade
  • Q-Factor: 53mm
  • Stack height: 14.8mm
  • 3-bolt Delta cleat bolt pattern
  • Standard Keo interface, will accept all Keo compatible cleats
  • Includes one pair of Grey (4.5° float) Keo cleats with hardware
  • Adjustable blade spring tension by changing carbon blades, 16Nm (pre-installed) or 12Nm; Look also offers 20Nm blade (not included) for max tension; Video for how to change blades located on Look's website
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 190 grams (pedals), 260 grams (pedals w/cleats)
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