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Pedals Mountain Pedals

When you need a wide platform, Enduro-style pedal that still delivers the control of a cleat engagement, LOOK delivers. The X-Track En-Rage Plus pedal, widens out the pedal giant's off-road pedal line-up and was designed specifically for the needs of the Enduro discipline. The En-Rage Plus model expands the platform size of the standard En-Rage model offering a truly pedal body for greater shoe contact, while maintaining the SPD compatible cleat interface. With a 67 mm wide contact area (664 mm² total contact zone) it offers added stability, and stout aluminum construction to withstand the hardest impacts. The Plus version also adds adjustable height toe pins for an extra point of contact if not clipped in.

In this base bearing version, LOOK opts for a durable machined aluminum, open, body type riding on a chromoly steel axle via an inboard cartridge bearing and outboard needle and bushing system that has tested to a high durability level. The plated steel cleat engagement mechanism appears to be very similar to Shimano's mountain system, even down to the 3mm spring tension adjustment bolt. The tension range for that spring load is 6-14Nm. The sculpted retention plates and open body design allow for crucial mud shedding.

The pair weighs in at 450 grams for the pedals alone. The steel X-Track cleats use the SPD 2- bolt standard, feature 6° of angular float, and weigh about 100 grams with all the hardware added in. Stack height with the cleats is 16.8mm. Available with either a black or red anodized body finish, the X-Track MTB Pedal makes for a serious player in the entry level mountain bike pedal market. We can see them being highly desirable for road endurance and adventure riders, as well as bike commuters. Return to Top


  • LOOK's Enduro grade platform pedal system with large contact area, SPD-style cleat engagement system
  • More shoe/pedal surface contact improves stability, power transfer, especially important with moderately stiff outsoles
  • Larger contact zone appeals to adventure, endurance, and trail riders, as well as bike commuters and beginning clipless pedal users
  • 664 mm² pedal to shoe contact surface from 67mm wide platform design
  • Machined aluminum platform body, chromoly steel axle, dual bearing systems
  • Outer width of body features textured surface for grip and control
  • Adjustable height toe pins
  • Plated chromoly steel engagement system w/ 6-14Nm spring tension adjustment
  • Steel X-Track cleats feature 6° of angular float, 2-bolt mounting system
  • Stack height with pedal and cleat: 16.8mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 550 grams (pedals, cleats, hardware)
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