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The Neo Power Motion Short is a performance-oriented piece that uses compression to favor long days in the saddle featuring hard effort and energy output. By seeking to support active and passive muscular zones, the design increases blood circulation to improve performance. Some testing shows 10-20% improvement in such performance. Compressive materials also reduce the effects of road vibration and rough surfaces, which can be especially wasteful of muscular energy over a long day on the bike. Of course, the piece also has to breathe to reduce moisture and heat build-up, as well as fit properly from top to bottom. The Neo Power Motion series offer these capabilities, as well as a chamois that matches the performance level and intended use.

The use of compression in cycling shorts offers muscle and circulation benefits that can aid performance, recovery, and reduce injury. The balance is compression versus cycling functionality, overall fit and comfort, and anatomic consideration. Louis Garneau has integrated compression with many short designs, with a strong emphasis on specific muscular benefits and cycling ergonomics.

The key material that provides the compression is Power+ Lycra. This polyester fabric blend can be woven in 2 or 4-way stretch for specific ergonomic purpose. It has a high-level of very strong stretch that is very resilient to repeated use. Combined with the less compressive, though still stretchy and breathable Endurexx fabric, the Power+ Lycra is sewn into directional panels that optimize for compression along with the natural ergonomic movement and body position of the active cyclist. The Powerband cuff on the leg is much larger than most leg grip zones, and is also shaped to react to pedaling action and the pull of the other panels. It offers great compression and hold without feeling restrictive. The elastic waist design is simple with fold-over material sewn into a short hem. A soft drawstring is provided for optional retention.

Garneau develops its own chamois pads, and uses the Motion AirGel model in the Neo Power Motion. This pre-formed, ergonomic pad features multi-thickness, perforated, high-density memory foam that employs Beveled Edge Molding. This technology eliminates drastic transitions from one thickness to another, resulting in a smooth feel without pinching points to eliminate chafing. Perforated gel padding adds more comfort from impact, while still allowing moisture transfer, and ventilation at the front of the pad encourages air flow. There is a relief zone in the most sensitive area for me, encouraging blood flow. Along with expected antibacterial properties, Garneau uses a copper technology, called Cupron, which can reduce skin irritation and provides antimicrobial properties. It is also has an anti-allergen capability and can help promote wound healing. As a complete visual package, the chamois seems simple, but when you understand just how much has gone into it's development, you understand and appreciate the commitment to rider health and comfort.

Compression technology feels odd when trying on garments that feature substantial levels. Remember the shape and cut of the pieces are intended for the cycling position while pedaling, so when standing around, everything feels too tight. The best designed and actualized compression shorts or bibs almost disappear once you mount up and ride. Then the compression feels natural, supportive. The Neo Power Short feels great on the bike and while riding. As you get used to it, you tend notice more afterwards. Muscles feel fresher and free, and when combined with proper hydration, nutrition, and coverage, your legs recover faster. If you are a cyclist who gets the vast majority of miles in over the weekend, you will truly appreciate this short.

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  • Mileage-oriented short featuring substantial compression, active ergonomic fit
  • Designed to increase blood flow and circulation through muscle compression
  • Power+ Lycra® fiber offers compression,stretchability, muscle support
  • Endurexx fabric panels complement and offset for additional dynamic compression
  • Motion AirGel chamois pad with multi-density foam, gel, antimicrobial properties
  • Seamless inner leg reduces excess material that causes saddle bunching
  • Powerband compressive cuff reduces pressure without restricting circulation
  • Elastic waist with drawstring
  • Flatlock seams eliminate irritation and reduce chafing
  • Back and side reflective accents
  • Inseam: 10½"
  • Sizes: Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 183 grams (Large)
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